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Effects of alcohol on the body!

The moment a human takes leave of his senses under the influence of alcohol the dark spirits that are hanging around fall upon him like ticks out of trees.

india Updated: Jan 17, 2004 16:47 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

You are free to choose to do anything you wish to in your life. I am not here to tell you otherwise. But I can only caution you about what is taking place in a world where entertainment is limited to alcoholic consumption and titillation of the lower senses.

The word 'enter-tainment' means that you have allowed a form of pleasure to 'enter' and taint your self, which is, as I have said earlier, of your own choosing. If you so choose, you can allow entertainment, which is the celebration of the Spirit of mankind, or you can also ask to be fed with the pleasure of gross human emotions. The common thread that allows this distinction between the gross and the Spiritual to disappear from the reasonable human mind is the excessive consumption of alcohol.

When a human comes under the influence of alcohol, he has dropped the veil of inhibitions and sensible behaviour. The moment you lose your faculties of reasoning you move from an environment which is sheltered by love, into one of wretchedness and vulnerability.

In the infra-red layers of the atmosphere, that is in the second band of frequency in the light spectrum, there are hordes of dark forces, who have not been able to make it to the Plane of Bliss, after leaving their physical bodies after death.

These tormented souls are forever on the lookout for experiences that they have 'died' with, and for which they crave even more, in the physical world. So what do you think they do? They attach themselves to humans who have dropped the veil of protection of the powerful sacred forces, and are now vulnerable to these 'hangers-on', in the name of entertainment.

These tormented ones cannot interact with the world, unless the human makes himself so weak, that he allows them to feed off his own low-level sensory experiences. They do not have a body to create the reality for themselves, so they live off the reality, which they make the human willingly experience for them. That is why, when a particular human has come out of his awful alcoholic spell, he often wonders what the 'devil' got into him, to make him behave in such a devilish fashion.

The moment a human takes leave of his senses under the influence of alcohol, these souls fall upon him like ticks out of trees. And of course I do not need to tell you that most of these dark spirits hang around in hordes, around places where alcoholism flourishes. That is why a Master can easily sense their negative vibrations whenever he passes by such a place.

They are never so triumphant as when a human, willingly, drops his veil, and invites them to enter, and perform all sorts of gross actions, which the normal human would never even dream of, in his sane periods.

Ponder this, my friends, before anyone decides to drop his veil of protection, and becomes vulnerable to the dark and seamy side of life! Your entertainment is what you invite into your life. Please choose to be entertained by it, and not become a victim, because ultimately whatever you do, you are doing it to yourself!

First Published: Jan 17, 2004 15:32 IST