Ekta's Kandy is not all sugar

Ekta Kapoor's new show, Kandy Floss, is all about unadulterated gossip related to the entertainment industry.

india Updated: Feb 23, 2006 14:17 IST
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Ekta Kapoor's much-awaited "gossip" show Kandy Floss is already being touted to be all spice and no sugar. The magazine-format show is all set to go on Sony TV on March 10, but only after the channel ensures the content meets the "Standards and Practises of television channels" says Anupama Mandloi, VP, programming, Sony.

In fact, one of the reasons the show has been delayed in telecast is because the content, unlike Ekta's other shows, is very "adult" and "hot". Sandiip Sikcand, creative head, Balaji Telefilms explains, "Kandy Floss is all about the behind the scenes goings-on and hot, unadulterated gossip related to the entertainment industry. In our show we have dealt with some issues like "homosexuality in the fashion industry", to what extent will actors go to gain name and fame' and "will heroines go topless for a scene".

We have people (actors, models) making some very candid statements on camera. So that's something the channel is not very comfortable with. They wanted us to make some changes and edit it accordingly. But we can't as we have already toned down the outspokenness' of the show. It's just a 21-minute weekly show and editing it further will not do any justice to it because we have really worked hard on making it something totally different from what you have seen before on TV."

Kandy Floss is anchored by Archana Puran Singh. Says Sikcand, "The reason we chose Archana to host it is because her personality goes with the profile of our show. She has always been candid about what she thinks and has always been known to do things differently."It was earlier meant to be a weekend show at 8.30 pm but now it will be telecast at 11 pm on Fridays.

Says Mandloi, "Keeping in mind the content of the show, we thought it would be wise to telecast it at a later time. Kandy Floss is all about unveiling the lives of TV and film stars and so we have to be careful about what we show."

However Sikcand assures that "whatever we show or talk about on the show has come out of thorough research. If we are making any statements about any issue, we have every reason to." After giving viewers an overdose of Indian traditions and values through her prime time family sagas, looks like Ekta Kapoor is finally going to tackle some real and adult issues.

First Published: Feb 23, 2006 13:48 IST