'Fashion and life high on drama'

Different human beings mostly inspire his designs. So, what does designer JJ Valaya plan to showcase at this year's second fashion week? Sidhi Chadha has the details.

india Updated: Sep 02, 2006 10:46 IST

Known for his creative sensibilities, JJ Valaya has dominated India's fashion scenario for more than a decade now. Different human beings mostly inspire his designs. So, what does he plan to showcase this year? Check out the the details.

Unlike last time's collection that focused on war, what are planning to showcase at thisyear's WIFW?
The Valaya spring summer 2007 collection typically stands inspired by a small but beautiful portion of the Balkans, a country called Albania. On a deeper level,

In Pics:Valaya'sautumn-winter line

however, this collection is an attempt to subconsciously charts man's life beginning from a mere material existence and culminating in the decisive desire for spirituality.

No coincidence, therefore, that this collection is a tribute to life and to one of its invaluable gifts to our generation: Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu known to most of us as Mother Teresa, an Albanian, whose life was perhaps the absolute example for such a transition.

In addition, all our collections convey a message and nearly always travel the globe; this one brings the significance of evolution to our higher selves.

Who are you really catering to through your collection?
In the past 15 years, the Valaya Woman and man have pretty much been clearly defined. Utterly stylish, an achiever, likes the good life, respects culture and is kind as a human being.

What will be the price range?
Anything between Rs. 5000 - Rs. 50,000

What's the focus while designing?


a.Wearability : 8/10
b.Drama : 0-8/10
c. Flamboyance, colours: DESIGNER CENTRIC…FOR US 8/10

Your last time's show was high on drama; will it be the same this year too?
Is not life high on drama as well? I think both fashion and life are high on drama. Anyways, BEST to see the show TO KNOW FOR SURE.

For the first time, we have two fashion weeks in a year. Do you think it makes sense to have it twice a year? Don't you think it kills the charm?
The more the merrier!!

Any one public figure that you would like to design for?
I hate playing favorites...different people have different personas.

First Published: Aug 29, 2006 13:55 IST