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Fetish for pretty feet!

I have an obsession for beautiful feet since childhood. I have an excellent relationship with my sister-in-law and I would press her feet whenever she needed it. It's a little odd...

india Updated: May 04, 2006 19:18 IST


'I have foot fetish'

I have an obsession for beautiful women, especially their toes and I think I have had it since childhood. I have an excellent relationship with my sister-in-law and I would press her feet whenever she needed it. After much hesitation, I asked her to let me kiss her toes that she agreed upon. Thereafter, I have also licked them many times and she has also allowed me to wash her feet, drink and eat from them! While she is very understanding and I enjoy this very much, I think it may not be good in the long run. Please advise how to overcome this.


Size does matter!

I am a 32-year-old unmarried lady. My problem is that my breast size is not equal. One is bigger than the other. It looks very absurd. It gets embarrassing when I wear fitted clothes. Is there a solution to this, like exercise or any medicines that can help me look better?


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What's the best time for sex?

What time of the month is the best time to have sex? If I have my menses at the beginning of the month, do I have sex at the end of the month or in the middle of the month? I have heard that sex before menses is the best time because your body is getting ready to clean itself. I am in dilemma about these issues? Please explain.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
Most fertile phase is the 14th day before the next date of the menstrual period. Say, the date of period is 1st of the month, and then the expected date of the next period is 28th of that month. The fertile period will be from about 11th to 17th of the month with 14th being the day of ovulation (egg release). The relatively safe periods are from 1st to 7th and front 21st to 28th day. This is rhythm method for contraception and is not 100% safe as the menstrual cycle is usually not of fixed 28 days.


Sex on wedding night...

I get excited very quickly about sexual issues. Also, I want to improve the duration and quality of erection. Are there any practical ways to achieve the same? I am about to get married and want to know how to speak to my wife about sex, especially on the first night. If I want to have sex, how do I convey the message? Please guide me.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
 You should postpone your marriage till you attain puberty, that is, sexual maturity. All your questions will get automatically (instinctively) answered at that time. More over official age for marriage for men is 21 years. There is no way to increase the quality and duration of erection. It is a trait like intelligence or height or colour of the eye etc. with which you are born with. You only have to make best use of it.


First Published: May 04, 2006 19:18 IST