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Find out what type of tourist are you!

Boozer, linguist, snapper, guidebook - these are just some types of tourist cliches found travelling across the globe. Find out whether you are one of the typical tourist cliches!
ANI | By HT Correspondent, Sydney
UPDATED ON MAY 20, 2009 06:49 PM IST

Boozer, linguist, snapper, guidebook - these are just some types of tourist cliches that are found roaming around the world looking for some specific things on their voyages.

There are always certain types of travellers who share similar habits, whether good, boring, or highly annoying, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Here are some of the typical tourist cliches that one may encounter at one vacation or other:

The Boozer
Boozers don't mind which country they travel to, as long as the beer's cheap and there are bars playing live football matches. They don't look for temples, cathedrals, or beautiful mornings, and still manage to have a ball.

The Vegetarian
Also known as 'The Fussy Eaters', vegetarians spend their time aimlessly wandering around looking for appropriate food, and then whining at the lack of it.

The Box-Ticker
Box-tickers have a list of traveling priorities, and they're going about the business of ticking them off and stick to cities that have a world-famous monument or attraction.

The Strung-Out Hippy
Often found at places with cheap, accessible drugs and some sort of coastline (Bali, Peru, Mexico, Colombia etc), these hippies could be seen wandering around in a daze, all stringy arms and weathered skin poking out of tie-dyed clothes.

The Linguist
Linguists run around town clutching their phrasebook, and are convinced they're slowly mastering the local lingo.

The Muso
They usually travel with a bulky acoustic guitar and would whip the instrument at the slightest provocation and start strumming crappy Jack Johnson covers in the hope of impressing impressionable girls. Often wear beaded jewellery and could be easily spotted in Thailand.

The Guidebook
The Guidebook will stick to each and every word written in ''Lonely Planet'', will also refuse to eat anywhere that''s not in the book, and will sometimes tick off items on the pages so they know which ones they're yet to visit. They could be spotted anywhere in Western Europe.

The Snapper
They''ll be sporting a camera lens that looks like the Hubble telescope, and will be permanently hidden behind it.

The Tight-Arse
Everyone's traveled with a tight-arse and even been one at some point. When you're living on cereal and two-minute noodles, smuggling half bottles of spirits into pubs to mix into your Coke, and spending four hours on a bus to avoid a 10 dollars cab ride, it's safe to say you''re a genuine tight-wad.

The Whinger
They always complain, and their complaints include-the hostel's dirty; the people are unfriendly; it''s too hot outside; it''s too cold outside; this food is gross; I'm hungry; I'm thirsty; everything''s too expensive; I'm lost; I'm tired. Such people usually make you wonder why did they leave their house in the first place.

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