Giving and receiving trust

It is said that a 'good' person should always believe all that he is told, yet he finds himself continually disappointed at the betrayal of his trust.

india Updated: Jan 29, 2004 12:59 IST

Today's egocentric world seems to have very little to do with the word 'trust', whether it is trusting others, or receiving the gift of unshakeable trust.

The New Age human is wary of people who think they know the path, he has with him the light of discernment to judge whether another person can be trusted or not. The 'omens' will light up his path for him, if he only asks to be shown the right direction. And if that direction points to another way, another path, that even his closest friends are showing him, then so be it.

He trusts his own self implicitly. He concentrates hard on the situation, receives his inner knowing, and uses that knowledge to guide his actions and if, in that process he is seen to be non-trusting of another human, he is not being judgmental, but just careful of protecting his own interests.

It is said that a 'good' person should always believe all that he is told, yet he finds himself continually disappointed at the betrayal of his trust. It is important to trust people, yet he does it with the eyes of his soul wide open. It is never a blind faith in all and sundry. Yet his trust in the Universe to provide him with the answers that he seeks is implacable, and unshakeable.

Even as he listens to others, sometimes taking it to be a sign from the Universe that God speaks through them, giving the right signs. Yet he is never incapable of making his own decisions, for he trusts himself first. He listens to all the advice that is given him and then goes off into his quiet space to meditate on it, and test its purity and worth.

In this chaotic, insane world, he finds a place of sanity and wisdom, by choosing his advisors wisely. Every spiritual text speaks of the importance of "Sadh-Sangat" (that is the company of wise and holy people), and the New-Age human is well aware of aligning his own vibrations with those who are more experienced and evolved. Even if these people appear to be insane in the eyes of the world, the guidance that he receives is truly sane, for he has chosen his insane company wisely.

The New Age human does not waste any part of his energy in trusting others to the point where he has to give up his own power to them, to decide his course of action. He retains the wisdom of his own choice, as the ultimate arbiter of his reality.

He trusts others only up to the point where he can retain control over his own life, for his circle of power cannot be invaded, ever!

When he feels confused, he frees himself from all related tensions, and practices his techniques for spiritual growth, with greater vigour, and an even deeper trust of God to light up his way! Then nothing frightens him, he just opens the door to life once again, trusting in his own abilities to achieve what he wants!

First Published: Jan 29, 2004 12:18 IST