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Govt internship for B-school grads

Management graduates will get to share space with bureaucrats in the corridors of power.
None | By Vinod Sharma & Aloke Tikku, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON MAR 30, 2006 02:44 PM IST

The government may soon offer an innovative internship programme to graduates from B-Schools and other institutes of higher studies. The graduates will get to share space with civil servants in the corridors of power.

The innovative idea may take off within three months. The government will scout talent in IIMs, IITs and other centres of excellence. The cerebral exchange is expected to help either side. The graduates may even end up joining the civil services.

“That’s why only scholars with an exceptional record will be picked up for the internship,” a senior official said. As a major bonus, the exercise will “bring fresh perspectives to old problems of governance.”

The first year may see only 12 scholars. But eventually, each ministry will have a maximum quota of five ‘whiz kids’ to work with them over a three-four month period for a monthly stipend of Rs 5,000.

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