His side of the story

Crack this 'Quiz' and get to know about your someone special just go for it......

india Updated: Jul 11, 2010 03:09 IST
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His side of the story

Whenever you call him…
a) He talks about personal stuff more than school and often makes flirtatious comments.
b) Usually he doesn’t pick your calls, but when he does, he just talks about himself or other girls.
c) He talks about stuff like college or friends with nothing personal involved in it.

Does he ever try to set you up with his friends?
a) Never
b) Always
c) Once in a while

When you meet up after a long break, say after a holiday, does he…
a) Come running to you with a big grin on his face to meet you?
b) Just say a hello and goes away with his friends?
c) Smile at you and ask you about your holidays?

At social gatherings…
a) He is very attentive and never leaves you aside. He makes every excuse to come and talk to you
b) He is busy with his own group
c) Once in a while, he joins the conversation with the group if he knows other people as well.

Does he ever take the initiative of calling you?
a) Always, and even when I call, he disconnects to call back so that I can save money.
b) Never
c) Once in a blue moon

On special occasions like your birthday…
a) He called up at midnight
b) Forgot but left a message on Facebook wishing happy birthday
c) Called up in the evening to wish

Does he make efforts to know about your family?
a) Always. He wants to know about all of them!
b) Well, never! In fact he does not even know my surname
c) Rarely

If you have mostly chosen

(a) then the guy definitely loves you and maybe is scared to approach you because you are not giving him hints. It's high time you spoke to him about it and get your love lie rolling
If it is (b) then the guy just does not care enough and you are wasting your time
If it is mostly (c) then the guy maybe likes you and just accepts you as a friend but nothing more.

First Published: Jul 10, 2010 18:12 IST