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How to be a highway star

Speeding without getting a ticket just got easier with car radar jammers. Kabeer Sharma explains why.

india Updated: Jan 02, 2006 16:26 IST

Next time you are vrooming down a flyover at speeds well over the limit and a speed gun-holding traffic havaldar pops up, you don't need to worry.

Thanks to the car radar jammer, a small instrument that fits on your dashboard, speeding and getting away with it is far easier. What it does is scramble the laser beam sent out by the speed guns, so that the cops can't get a reading on how fast you are going.

Relatively simple ones will only beep, giving you time to slow down. But a photo radar on your numberplate will make sure that police cameras cannot photograph your number plate at all. And then there is stealth coating on the car body.

Welcome to the world of drag car racing on expressways, where twenty something speed demons burning the wheels off luxury cars fitted with nitrous oxide kits and radar jammers are common.

Each jammer costs Rs 25,000-35,000 — hardly an economical way to escape the Rs 200-400 speed ticket. The speed buffs buy these as they simply do not like to be interrupted when going full throttle. Besides, as yet, there are no rules against the use of the jammers.

Asked about the jammer, assistant RTO, Mumbai Central, KS Agha Mohiuddin said, "Any electronic device deployed to flout MV law is not permissible." Anyone caught using the radar could be fined Rs 100, he said. However, cops and RTO officials speaking off the record say that there is little they can do since the Motor Vehicles act is silent on 'radar jammers'.

First Published: Jan 02, 2006 16:26 IST