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'I'm severely depressed'

I 'm below normal girl. my height is 4'9'' and also I m thin. People of my age in college are very smart and good looking...."Submit your query

india Updated: Dec 16, 2005 13:28 IST

Hello ma'am,

I'm a 20-year-old college girl. I'm in the second year of engineering. My father is a retired man. We are 5 sisters and 1 brother. My family is also not very wealthy and not too smart.

I'm feeling severe depression. I'm a below normal girl. My height is 4'9'' and also I'm thin. People of my age in college are very smart and good looking. No one is my friend. I 'm not smart as the people are now. I cannot talk to any girl or boy much. I m too simple and people don't consider me as their friend. People avoid me and really no one want me as a friend. People feel pity me.

Even in school I didn't have many friends and people used tolaughat me. I'm also not good in studies. I don't want that any one should pity me.

Also in my family I don't feel comfortable. My relatives also make my fun of me. I'm not also good to talk with my cousins of my age because they are much smarter, much good looking, much talker then me. All like them but avoid me, I feel very bad about me. I can't even tell the name of one person as my friend because people who talk with me talk for their purpose. When their work finishes they don't talk to me. I don't think there is any good thing with me.

My father is a very short tempered man and he will not listen to any word about himself - whetherit is good or bad. So even at home there isn't a good environment.

Ma'am please help me. Can you see any thing good about me? I want to change my nature. I want to be very frank. I want that people die to talk to me. Can you help me. Ma'am please help me. Please write to me.
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Place: Bhopal
A: Yes, I can see certain things which are very good in you. Most important of them all is the clarity, bravery and honesty with which you have come up with your problems. Certain things we are born with and certain we have to develop in our life times. You will have to focus on what have you developed along the process of your development. Talking well, dressing up well, making nice friends, having a pleasantness about oneself and deciding the course of one’s life, are what we learn as we grow. These are skills. All skills can be learnt. You also can learn. The only thing which you need to get started is a commitment to yourself that you wish to improve. All improvements require hard work and dedication. So, even you will have to have that. Remember no one likes a non-smiling face. So, smile just now and don’t let it slip away from your face.

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First Published: Nov 19, 2005 13:10 IST