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I'm the best... no kidding: Zayed Khan

Bollywood actor Zayed Khan speaks to Nilufer Qureshi about his forthcoming films, married life and Bollywood.

india Updated: Jun 26, 2007 11:28 IST

Zayed Khan speaks with a new-found confidence to Nilufer Qureshi

What's the news?
I've been reading scripts and meeting filmmakers. I've realised there's no point in doing redundant scripts and wasting days of your life on a film you don't enjoy making. A film's fate is not in my hands but at least I should be proud of it.

So why the low profile?
No reason. I just don't want to be seen at every party and do every interview. When a film comes up for release, then you're all over the place, promoting it. It's a cycle.. so when there's no release, there's nothing to talk about.

(Smiles) I have two films (Speed and Cash) coming up back to back, so you'll be seeing a lot more of me. It wasn't supposed to be this way. A gap between the two films would have been nice. But it's the call of the producers. I'll go with the flow.

After a promising start, you vanished. What happened?
I agree..there were great expectations from me.. but ups and downs are a must. I don't expect to be on the top right away but I will be, I'm the best.

Of course, no kidding. If I didn't believe I'm the best, then I'm in the wrong business.

In hindsight, do you feel you chose the wrong films?
I made my own choices.. some worked, some didn't.

<b1>Does your father (Sanjay Khan) advise you on the films you do?
Yes all the time. He keeps at it, "Why did you did this film? Why didn't you do that film?"

Rumour is that the film - Idiot - was stalled because your father wasn't happy with the rushes.
No, it has nothing to do with my dad. The script went haywire. I was very kicked about the film.. but the enthusiasm waned once we started shooting. I guess too many factors went wrong.

The general belief is that you're very laidback about your work.
Honestly, all this talk doesn't worry me. People can say what they want to, I am not going to clarify such nonsense. I've become ‘rebellious cautious'.. if there's a phrase like that.

Sohail Maklai, the producer of Cash and director Anubahv Sinha have had a fall-out. Did you have to take sides at any point of time?
Both are friends, nothing can change that equation. As a common friend, my duty is to bridge the them sort out the issue. I can't be taking sides. I hope things sort out amicably.

Don't you think you got married too early at the age of 25.. nearly two years ago?
No. There is no right age to get married.. you just have to feel right about it. I never felt the pressure of getting married. I always knew I wanted to marry Mallika. All I didn't know was when, where and how.

Has marriage made any difference?
I am getting adjusted to my own behaviour. I've grown up a bit and become responsible. It feels good to come home to the woman you love. I'm very happily married, thank you.

There have been stories of your liaisons even after marriage.
(Laughs out loud) What can I say? Even I'm amazed and amused by these rumours. All I can do is just laugh them off.

Were you fazed by the detention of your brother-in-law DJ Aqeel at Dubai airport for possession of drugs?
It affected my entire family. It was very disturbing. I left all my work and rushed to Dubai to be with my sister (Farah) and my family. I wanted to be with them to tide them through the crisis. I'm happy it's a thing of the past.

First Published: Jun 25, 2007 14:31 IST