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I was confused, stuck: Scarlett in diary

Scarlett’s diary has allegedly shed light on her last days and the wild lifestyle of sex, drugs and alcohol in Goa, reports Barney Henderson.
Hindustan Times | By Barney Henderson, Panaji
UPDATED ON MAR 17, 2008 01:32 AM IST

A copy of what is claimed to be Scarlett’s personal diary was acquired by a journalist from the right-wing UK tabloid, Mail on Sunday. The diary says that Scarlett was lost and confused having been left alone and was “stuck” in Goa. It also states that she met Julio Lobo, her Goan boyfriend, at a full moon party — possibly as early as November 24 — and that they had sex on the first night they met.

“At the full moon party I met this guy, Julio. I was pretty messed up, like I had taken a pill and drunk a lot of vodka. I don’t remember a lot but apparently we had sex and I can remember that much,” the diary reads.

Scarlett goes on to say that that she still loves Jardi, her boyfriend in England and that she wants to go home. The final entry states: “I wish something big would happen to make my decision final”.

The final page has a sketch of a hangman, underneath which is Lobo’s name, address and telephone number. Scarlett’s mother Fiona McKeown has attacked the revelations and claims that the majority of the diary is made up.

“It is not accurate,” she told the Hindustan Times. “The journalist has lied about where he got it and what is in it. He must have bribed the police. The diary does not say that she wanted to go home or that she felt stuck or was depressed. It says that she missed her boyfriend but that’s it. There are only three pages to it – two of which talk about how much she was loving it here, riding elephants and seeing dolphins,” she said.

“She was a happy, bubbly girl. I last spoke to her on February 17 and she was certainly not depressed – she was excited about having a girl’s night out,” Fiona added. That was the night Scarlett died.

MacKeown does not deny that Scarlett had a sexual relationship with Lobo and that Scarlett worried that she was being exploited. “It is true that she wrote that she thought Julio may be using her for money and sex but that was after an argument they had,” said McKeown.

Police in Goa claim the diary is not relevant to their investigation. “The diary has nothing to do with the murder. It gives a sketch of her life,” an investigating officer stated.

The family had given the diary to the police, so the Mail on Sunday can only have acquired a copy through police. As a piece of evidence submitted to the police, it is illegal to be made public.

“We submitted the diary as a piece of evidence to Albuquerque,” said family lawyer Vikram Varma. “It is illegal that it has now been acquired by a journalist who must have bribed police and then written fabricated additional entries. I will be writing a letter of complaint to the Superintendent of Police.”

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