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Jugal Hansraj chat

Jugal Hansraj, the Masoom child star, was first seen as a hero in a film called Aa Gale Lag Ja. Unfortunately it flopped. So did many more that followed like The Don, Gudgudi and Papa Kehte Hain. But the film that resurrected his career was Mohabbattein. Read transcripts of the chat on December 5, 2002

india Updated: Dec 05, 2002 19:38 IST

Riya: I'm such a great fan of yours. Have you any plans of visiting Toronto, Canada soon? And if so, when? Also, do you have any girlfriend?
Jugal Hansraj: I would love to visit Canada. I have heard a lot about it and I have got some cousins there too. But there are no plans to visit in near future though. As of now, single.

Devi: I am from Holland. Is it not difficult to get the big break in India particularly as an actress, or model?
Jugal Hansraj: It is very difficult because there are a lot of newcomers coming in. You should have a quality that sets you apart from others. But it is very difficult.

Sanjay: Is body building a trend yet days in Bollywood?
Jugal_Hansraj: I try and keep fit. I jog, swim and I do light weights 3-4 times in a week at gym. I want to concentrate more on my acting rather than body building though.

Priyesh: I really liked you in Masoom. Though you were good in Mohabbattein as well, why is it that your career hasn't blossomed?
Jugal_Hansraj: That's the question that bugs me too. Definitely, Masoom is one of the most remembered movies. Mohabattein also did very well. I signed one movie for Rajshri Productions called Hum Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Bhaite, which will release on December 27. I can work towards performing well in movies but success is not in my hands. An actor can just do his job well.

Ailesh: How did Kim manage to break your foot?
Jugal_Hansraj: We were doing the song Aakhen Khuli... And my shoe was loose. I had to pick her up and turn. As soon as I lifted her and turned, there were cables all over, and I tripped and the shoe came off. I had no support so had to take the weight of Kim. She had a very heavy lunch too! I managed to finish the song in time, with the plaster on my foot.

Smita: How did Masoom happen?
Jugal_Hansraj: I had done commercials for products called Nutramul. Shekhar saw the commercial and came home and met my parents - and he was very keen to take me in the movie. Earlier, I was very reluctant and it took two years for him to convince me.

LethalWeapon: What's your other hobby besides acting?
Jugal_Hansraj: I love watching films, of course. Music is a great hobby too. I did learn singing for quite some time. I try not to miss a film that comes. I am also interested in still photography. I have done a course and I do take my camera to outdoors.

Indianlioness: Do you think Bollywood actors could be intellectuals as well ... I am here talking about the mainstream actors, not the Naseerudin types?
Jugal_Hansraj: There are a lot of actors like Shah Rukh Khan. He is very highly educated person and he topped in his university in Delhi. Aamir, too, is well read and informed.

HotLilly: Mohabbatein was such a beautiful love story. I just didn't like it when Ash committed suicide just because she couldn't choose between her dad and Shah Rukh. It made it seem like we ladies are helpless. What is your personal opinion on it?
Jugal_Hansraj: I don't take it so seriously. It's a story for me. Just that one woman has done that it doesn't mean that it makes any statement about women in general. It is about a particular person reacting to a situation in a certain way. I don't think it reflects on womankind.

Rosh123: Among today's lot, which actor and actress do you like?
Jugal_Hansraj: There are several actors I admire - Shah Rukh, Hrithik and Aamir. From the actresses, my favorites include Madhuri and Kajol. Madhuri is doing fewer films these days. I also like Preity Zinta from the newer generation.

Indianlioness: Do you think Bollywood could be the role model for the Indian society, in changing the mindsets on important issues like dowry, rape and terrorism?
Jugal_Hansraj: Definitely, I agree because our films are widely watched. One could incorporate some social messages in a subtle way so that they entertaining as well.

Sinhapriyesh: Are you a cricket lover? In your opinion what are Indian team's prospect of winning the World Cup?
Jugal_Hansraj: I am definitely a cricket lover. My father was Ranji player. My brother was a captain at the university level. Like any other Indian I want India to win. I am not sure of the chances but I am definitely hopeful. We have a strong bowling attack this time.

Rosh123: Will you join television as well?
Jugal_Hansraj: In fact, I am doing a serial right now for which I am shooting for Sahara TV. It is called Karisma. It has a lot of film actors/actresses like Karisma, Arbaaz Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, etc. and it will be on air after another month and a half. And I have no problems in doing television as long as my role is good and it is something that I think I should be a part of.

Angad: Why don't you try the role of a villain sometime?
Jugal_Hansraj: I would love to do a negative role. I had signed up a film with a similar role but it's on hold right now.

Sonia: How is the real Jugal Hansraj like? Does he go out in the rain to get flowers for her mother on her birthday?
Jugal_Hansraj: Definitely yeah! I am very close to my family. I would do anything for them. If I could I would go out in the rain for them. I am just a simple guy and I don't take my job so seriously. For me, acting is just my work.

Zidanein: Movies such as Dil Chahta Hai (DCH) and Mohabattein show male bonding. Do you think the DCH friendship was closer than yours?
Jugal_Hansraj: That is a relative question. I don't know how can I answer it. It's for the viewers to see and find out.

Indu: What other career options would you like to explore if acting does not change for good?
Jugal_Hansraj: Right now I am not thinking about doing anything else. Wish to be here for many years. If it doesn't then I will have to think about something else.

Uhsaa1: What is your marriage plan?
Jugal_Hansraj: Marriage is not on my mind as of now. I am not prepared for marriage. That will happen when career is firmly in place.

Laughingbuddha: Why don't child artistes click?
Jugal_Hansraj: I think it's a myth that child artists don't click. Kamal Haasan, Neetu Singh, Sridevi, Hrithik all began that way. If you get the right breaks and if you have talent then any one would do well.

Zidanein: Any funny incident while acting in Mohabbatein?
Jugal_Hansraj: School portion of Gurukul was shot in England. There was this one shot (which was shot at night) when my character comes to know that Kim has a boyfriend. It was raining and we were all shivering in long-shirts. And everyone in unit was laughing. We did another scene where we were to be shown entering the school for the first time. It was Jimmy's turn. The first part of the shot was taken in Mumbai's heat when he had to appear wearing a sweater and a jacket. We laughed at him (me and Uday). While the next scene was done in England - and Jimmy had a chance to laugh back at us!

Hana_b: What you do read?
Jugal_Hansraj: I read a lot of fiction. In non-fiction, I like to read about cricket!

Laughingbuddha: Urmila, your co-star in Masoom has rediscovered herself as a sex symbol. But you are still caught in the cute boy image. How do you cope with that?
Jugal_Hansraj: If one has to change his image, I need a role like that. I have no complaints, I am happy with my image.

Uhsaa1: Tell us something about you new film, Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Baithe?
Jugal_Hansraj: It's a film by Rajshri productions. It's their kind of film - sweet and old fashioned with traditional values. They are extremely nice people and I enjoyed working with them.

Sweet16_prerna: Who is your best male and female singer?
Jugal_Hansraj: Best singers from the older generation would mean Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar. From the current singers I quite like Udit Narayan and Sonu Nigam and among the female lot I like Alka Yagnik. I also like Frank Senatra and now Bryan Adams.

Roxy2642: With which actress would you love acting?
Jugal_Hansraj: From the current lot I would love to act with Kajol and Preity Zinta.

Uhsaa1: You should try out a comedy.
Jugal_Hansraj: I would love to do comedy as soon as I get a suitable offer. Specially the Hrishikesh Mukherjee kind of a role.

Barundali: Which aspect of acting do you think is most difficult?
Jugal_Hansraj: I think acting itself is not an easy thing to do. But comedy is the toughest.

Roxy2642: Are you satisfied with your acting career?
Jugal_Hansraj: Definitely! I feel I am lucky to have worked with people I have worked with so far. I have done a lot of good movies as a child artiste.

Barundali: Do you have any memorable moment as an actor?
Jugal_Hansraj: Yes, several. One that comes in mind happened while shooting for a song sequence (ghar se nikalte hi) in Papa Kehte Hain. There was one lightman who is a very senior person. He said, "Bete main chalis saal se es line main hoon and I have never seen a shot like that." That gave me a lot of encouragement. A lot of people have said a lot of encouraging things and this is one of the, them. It was a genuine compliment.

Sksamanta: Don't you think stage actors are more talented than cinema actors?
Jugal_Hansraj: That's again a generalized statement. I think you will find very talented actors on stage and film both. I think it's more difficult to do film acting than stage acting. There are good, and not so good actors in both mediums so you can't generalize.

Sksamanta: Have you ever acted on stage as an adult?
Jugal_Hansraj: I have never done stage. I will love to try that someday. It would be an entirely different experience.

First Published: Dec 03, 2002 16:58 IST