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Keeping the faith alive

Singer Mika Singh tells Malvika Nanda how he relies on divine intervention in moments of crisis.

india Updated: Jun 19, 2010 20:35 IST
Malvika Nanda
Malvika Nanda
Hindustan Times

Singer Mika Singh tells Malvika Nanda how he relies on divine intervention in moments of crisis.

What’s your idea of god?

I am a staunch believer and think that like parents look after their kids, so does God. He will help us if we help ourselves.

Do you make a distinction between religion and spirituality?

My religion is Sikhism, and it’s the newest religion on the planet. It has taken the best from all others. Our holy books praise Quran as well as the Gita and teaches that God is but one. So for me religion and spiritualism is the same.

Do you feel that something/someone keeps you protected?

Yes absolutely. There is a God that keeps us protected. For example — when we are in a flight and there is turbulence, we don’t call our family and friends to protect us, we immediately ask God to allow a safe landing.

How do you make your spiritual connection at your workplace?

Each time I have a concert, it rains heavily and scares the concert organisers. But I always tell them that god will make sure it stops raining before the concert starts. And god always makes it happen for me!

How do you practice spirituality in your personal life?

The biggest picture in my house is not mine or my family’s but Goddess Saraswati Mata’s. To me spirituality means never taking away somebody’s share, being honest, never bullying people less fortunate then me. I believe God has given me much more than what I had asked for and I need to be thankful every day for it.

Do you have a special ‘God moment’?

For my birthday this year, I organised a langar (religious feast) in Delhi. It was really hot and my family was worried. I asked God to get us some clouds and suddenly the sky was overcast! It was as if God had immediately decided to reward me with a cool weather so my langar could go on comfortably.

Who or what are your spiritual ideals/inspirations?

Guru Gobind Singh ji Saheb is my spiritual guide. He fought for his country because people came and requested him to protect them from the oppressors.

Do you have a mind talisman? What gets your mind refreshed and unburdened?

Music works as meditation for me — singing in front of a crowd gives me a high that clears whatever stress I may be carrying.

First Published: Jun 19, 2010 20:32 IST