Lankan war planes hit Tiger territory

The army strikes deep into Mullaitivu district, believed to be LTTE chief's hideout, reports PK Balachandran

india Updated: Feb 20, 2007 12:47 IST

The Sri Lankan Army's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) struck deep into LTTE-held Mullaitivu district in the Wanni region of North Sri Lanka on Tuesday.

The LRRP had used claymore mines to hit a hospital ambulance and a passenger bus near Nedunkerni, but the vehicles and the passengers escaped, said Rasaiah Ilanthirayan, the military spokesman of the LTTE.

"We have launched a cordon and search operation in the area," he added.

In another incident, two civilians were killed when four or five Kfir jets of the Sri Lankan Air Force bombed a civilian settlement at Parasankulam, near Puliankulam in the Wanni on Tuesday, Ilanthirayan said.

Siginificance of LRRP strike

What is particularly significant about the LRRP's strike is that Tiger chieftain Prabhakaran's hideout is believed to be somewhere in Mullaitivu district.

The deep penetration unit's attack had come in the wake of an artillery strike by the LTTE against the headquarters of an army regiment at Kodigamam in Jaffna district last Wednesday.

The founder-commandant of the new and elite mechanised infantry unit, Lt Col Ralph Nugera, was among a few other officers injured in the attack .One soldier had died.

Tuesday's LRRP strike had also taken place when preparations were on for a massive military campaign to rid the northern districts of the LTTE.

Bid to infiltrate navy camp near Colombo

A suspected LTTE cadre was shot dead as he tried to infiltrate theVijaya naval camp in Kalpitya, north of Colombo on Tuesday, the Media Centre for National Security said.

First Published: Feb 20, 2007 12:42 IST