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Let's cash in on it

Instead of refusing a hike, our MPs should spend the extra cash on us for a few luxuries like food and water.

india Updated: Aug 18, 2010 21:44 IST
Hindustan Times

Just when we were mumbling in the bitter twilight that 63 years after Independence, we have few role models, along comes a whole host from a most unlikely source — our elected representatives. Before you faint dead away, let us inform you that noble men and women among our MPs have opposed a pay hike on the grounds that this would be improper during times of financial crisis and natural disasters. Of course, many of their brethren are none too pleased with this new-found renunciatory trait. On our part, all we can say is that those who shun money and perks are better men and women than us Gunga Din.

We can only pray that this give-it-all-upitis does not catch on. We, for one, have forever got our eye to the main chance. However, the sad fact that is that not too many are knocking our door down with bags of filthy lucre. But since our MPs have made this stand, it should be in for a penny, in for a pound. We suggest that they do not stop at merely turning down more money. They should spit at all the trappings of office that keep them away from the faithful. How it would elevate our spirits to see our netas skipping through our lanes and bylanes over the hills and dales of debris. This would create a real camaraderie that has been missing on account of the fact that we are kept at arm’s length from our leaders by shyster security men. And these kabab mein haddis should be the first to go. Imagine the joy of finding your MP next to you under a pile of sweating bodies on our famous public transport.

Better still, maybe they could bring themselves to accept this pay hike, painful though it may be, and use it to provide us a few luxuries like drinking water and grain. This would be a change in our pay now, pay later lives. Then how proud we’d be of our fully paid-up democracy and its austere representatives.

First Published: Aug 18, 2010 21:42 IST