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"Look beyond imperfection"

Being happy is about learning to look beyond imperfections. One must be comfortable with oneself, says Model-VJ Namrata.

india Updated: Nov 11, 2003 12:29 IST
? As Told To Natasha Grover
? As Told To Natasha Grover

I am not a very religious person but I do believe that God resides within me. I was never persuaded by my parents to pay my respects to a certain God or indulge in idol worship. But I’ve visited temples and churches just to experience the energy these places reverberate and to take in the positive vibes of the worshippers there.

I think God is an energy that is responsible for the creation of the universe. This energy is present in everyone and it’s passed onto me when I touch an elder’s feet. The same is true for a child, whose mother gently rubs his forehead to comfort him. It is this flow of positive energy that keeps the universe going.

I believe in destiny but more than that I feel we’re responsible for where our life takes us. I also feel I have this gift of sensing negative vibes. Probably that’s His way of guiding me, cautioning me of misfortunes and helping me to overcome those that are presented before me. In times of crisis, I maintain a positive attitude towards life. After all, each day can’t be a bed of roses.

Problems are actually opportunities in disguise – we need to figure that out. Recently, my Honda City was stolen but instead of ruing over it, I felt this was the perfect chance for me to get a new car. I was considering replacing the car but was reluctant to do so because the City was serving me just fine. I guess now I have an excuse to go for a new car.

Being happy is all about learning to look beyond imperfections. For that, one must believe in oneself and be comfortable with the way he/she is. I practice yoga and meditation and have also learnt the first level of Reiki but that doesn’t allow me to practice it. So I will soon be signing up for a course to brush up my knowledge about the art.

First Published: Nov 11, 2003 12:27 IST