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Nach Baliye singer launches solo album

Sowmya Raoh has been singing since she was 7, reports Johnny D.
None | By Johnny D (, Mumbai
PUBLISHED ON MAR 30, 2006 08:11 PM IST

Riding high with Nach baliye  (Bunty aur Bubly) and Katra katra… (Family), singer Sowmya Raoh has launched her first ever-solo album titled Sowmya.

“The album has nine tracks. Five of them are old songs that we strongly felt have not got its due and four of them are new tracks. I have even composed one song Nazar na lagey… informs the pretty singer.

Sowmya is the daughter of well-known Kannada singer BK Sumitra. She hit the top league in 1996 with the Telugu big hit Nine pelladatha.

"I have been singing ever since I was seven years old. But I was not very serious or competitive and use to sing songs that came my way, be it Tamil, Telugu or else Kannada,” reminisces the singer.

But life soon took a serious turn for the singer, and Mumbai came calling. Sandeep Chowta tapped Sowmya’s voice in 1995 and since then she has surely made her mark as a versatile singer. Jungle, Pyar Tune Kya Kiya, Company, Samay, Dum, Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai, Charas, Girlfriend, Bunty aurBubly are some of the films that have made her versatile voice a force to reckon with.

Riding high with Nach baliye  (Bunty aur Bubly) and Katra katra… (Family), singer Sowmya Raoh has launched her first ever-solo album titled Sowmya.

Though she is quick to confess: "I am doing good ever since I arrived in Mumbai with bag and baggage in July 2001. However, I have not yet arrived in the true sense.”


Though open to all kinds of music, Sowmya is little uneasy doing remixes. "I am a bit selective. But then one cannot refuse when work comes your way. Singers, unlike actors, don’t get the script before hand. We singers are asked to be at the recording studio and at the said time, we are asked to sing. So we really don’t have any choice but to sing."

And now that she’s settled in Mumbai, does she still sing for South India films? She exclaims, "Of course! After all that is where I started my career from and I love to sing in my mother tongue Kannada. I do sing whenever there’s a call for a song down south."

A very optimistic girl, Sowmya looks towards the brighter side of life and has developed a huge amount of patience. She smiles and discloses, "Perseverance and patience are the two great virtues that every individual must posses to succeed in life. I have adapted these two in my nature and moving with the flow."

So how did she manage to cut her solo album? “Honestly, I have been toying the idea since a long time but you know that the music industry has been in a real slump and one is not sure what will sell and what not. However, we all are very optimistic about this beautiful album as it has every ingredient for every age group. It has a good mix and I pray that my fans really like it,” enthuses Sowmya.

How does she rate herself as a singer? She concludes, "I have sung songs in almost all the genres and I have different style to suit various moods and emotions. You can say I am a singer, who loves experimenting all the time. The industry has been good to me.  It is Bunty Aur Babli and films like Family, which have made every one sit up and notice my voice. Now this is what means to me the most. Because when good work is appreciated, more good work follows soon."

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