No arm done here

Pakistan will find good use for the $2 billion that the US has graciously thrown its way.

india Updated: Oct 20, 2010 21:57 IST
Hindustan Times

Our excitement knows no bounds, come November Barack Obama will come calling, along with Michelle with her sleek and toned arms. While we are graced with these, the US clearly does not want our neighbour Pakistan to feel left out. So it has thrown a mere $2 billion in its direction so it too can buy a few arms of a different kind for itself.

Now Pakistan will surely find good use for these arms and we should not worry too much about them finding their way to our borders. Given its track record of peaceful co-existence, we imagine that this money will go towards a new line in furnishing and décor in its public offices. Of course, we can trust the Pakistanis to be innovative with this latest round of largesse as it has been in the past, giving it to such retailers as the Taliban and the jihadis, all for development purposes.

Now imagine the scene in Islamabad when Indian foreign minister S.M. Krishna goes calling on Pakistan foreign minister S.M. Qureishi. “I say Mehmood old chap, have you gone in for a makeover here? I must say the furniture is very interestingly shaped. That table over there looks like a dead ringer for a Hellfire missile.” To which old Qureishi will say, “All these new-fangled designs really leave me cold. But yes, you are right, it has a dual purpose. When one fine day if, say the Maldivians were to threaten us, we could whip off the dust cloths and let them have a few volleys. Oh do be careful, that grenade-covered cushion could hurt you.” Well, we

are not too upset. We have our aam aadmi, they have their aam aadmi.

First Published: Oct 20, 2010 21:55 IST