No speed yet for India Posts

DESPITE HAVING adopted a new brand name as ?India Posts?, the department of Posts continues to function in its old lackadaisical fashion.

india Updated: Sep 18, 2006 15:38 IST

DESPITE HAVING adopted a new brand name as ‘India Posts’, the department of Posts continues to function in its old lackadaisical fashion.

A consumer pays more to avail the speed post service or registered service, but at the end of the day, the result reminds of the pre-liberalization era, when complaints against the postal services reached its peak.

A large number of consumers in the City have registered their complaints with various post-offices in the City of delay in receiving of mails. Even after paying extra for the registered letters with Acknowledgements Due (AD) receipts, a sender seldom gets them. Still the India Posts claims - “we’re the best’.

A 65-year old retired principal of girls’ school in Raipur D Bhattacharya sent a registered letter containing some important document to her daughter in Bhopal through registered post with AD on September 4. “But till date I haven’t received the POD and finally I confirmed about the receipt of the letter on phone,” she complained. The sender rarely gets the Acknowlegement Due (AD), as the postman seldom bother to take back the duly signed receipt.

It is not just an example in isolation; rather on daily basis several cases take place in post-offices though extra fee is charged for the AD.

“It’s true and we receive several complaints on non-receipt of ADs by senders, which is due to the fact that they are sent through ordinary post,” candidly admits Post Master, Central TT Nagar Head Post-Office, AG Pathak.

Does that mean ordinary post cannot be depended up on. “No, it isn’t true. It’s due to both consumer and postman. Often, consumers don’t bother to return the signed POD, and on other hand postmen, who are usually in a hurry forget to take it back,” hurriedly justifies Pathak.

Apathy of India Posts continues with its premier service - Speed Post too. Consumers continue to suffer even after paying the premium tariff. Several complaints have been made by government departments, banks and regional passport office about delayed or non-delivery of mails.

“It takes three to four days to reach passports through speed post mail within the City,” complained an official at the passport office.

Pathak said in case of passports, it could not be delivered to anyone excepting the consignee. “Otherwise, we keep it with us and hence the delay,” he puts in.

Very often consumers, even after paying extra Rs 10 for ADs of speed posts, fail to get it.

First Published: Sep 18, 2006 15:38 IST