One victim says a dozen other labourers missing

Updated on Feb 06, 2008 03:15 AM IST

A dozen poor labourers could get added to the death roll of the still-unravelling kidney racket, reports S Raju.

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Hindustan Times | ByS Raju, Meerut

A dozen poor labourers could get added to the death roll of the still-unravelling kidney racket. The labourers are believed by one victim to have been lured by local agents of the kidney gang. They were never seen again.

Anil Kumar, also known as Bhure, is a labourer who was talked into donating a kidney at Dr Amit’s hospital two-and-a-half years ago. He said more than a dozen fellow labourers have gone missing after they went to donate their kidneys in Delhi over the the past three years. Bhure backed has allegation by citing the names of fellow-labourers Roop Chand, Bhoop Singh and Satpal who were never seen after they had gone to donate their kidneys. “They used to work near Baghpat Bus stand and I knew them for a long time”, Bhure, now a beggar, said.

Bhure recalls the death of another friend, Rajendra of Moradabad. He met Rajendra in a hospital where he was taken for kidney donation.

The friends chatted briefly and than Rajendra was moved to an adjacent room. Bhure saw Rajendra being wheeled out on a stretcher two hours later, and never again. “

According to Bhure, Rajendra came from Moradabad in search of a living and got a job at a tea stall. Bhure’s search for Rajendra took him to Moradabad, but in vain.

Blaming Saeed, a resident of Lisari gate area, for the plight of poor labourers, Bhure singled him out as the main tout of the kidney gang.

Narrating his own ordeal, Bhura said a man called Paggal and a technician of a local blood bank were in the kidney loop too.

Bhure said he came in contact with the gang through Saeed, who took him twice to a laboratory at Khooni Pul locality and a Shastri Nagar-based hospital here for blood testing. Six days after a lab technician contacted him and gave new clothes to wear and both traveled to Modinagar by bus.

Here he was shifted in a long car and a man sitting inside was introduced as Doctor Saheb.

This doctor took Bhure to a hospital in Delhi. The doctor then paid Rs 15,000 at the hosipital counter and Bhure was asked to lie down.

“I was told that a few tests will be done before my operation,” Bhure said, adding a nurse gave him an injection and when he opened his eyes he found himself in a hospital room.

According to Bhure, the next day he was taken to the operation theatre where an ‘angrez’ was already lying on a bed. A doctor — Bhure identified him as Dr Amit from a photograph published in Hindustan Times —came in with a lady and the doctor who traveled with Bhure from Modinagar. They asked me and the ‘angrez’ to sign some papers and my kidney was transplanted into that foreigner,” Bhure said.

After the operation, Bhure was shifted to a nursing home where he was kept for five days. Bhure says he was cheated by he gang who paid him only Rs 20,000, contrary to the agreed upon Rs 2.83 lakh.

On the sixth day, the same doctor took Bhure in a car, assuring that rest of the money would be paid in the course of his journey .He administered an injection to Bhure and next morning, Bhure awoke on a road in Delhi’s Paharganj.

With the help of a rickshaw puller, Bhure took a taxi and paid the driver Rs. 700 from the money he had to reach his home in Ghaziabad.

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