PDP's self rule is a mirror image of Dixon Plan: Congress

Congress leadership in Jammu and Kashmir perceives the self rule doctrine of its ally PDP as the imported recipe to divide the Himalayan state, reports Arun Joshi.

india Updated: Nov 01, 2006 17:15 IST
Arun Joshi

Congress leadershipin Jammu and Kashmir perceivesthe self rule doctrine ofits ally PDP as theimported recipe to divide theHimalayan state.

"It isa mirror image of Dixon Formula", state's seniormost Congress leader and Health and educationminister Mangat ram Sharma told Hindustan Times.

Dixon, an American, had suggestedthe division of the state on communal lines in the 1950s.

He said PDP is seeking to weaken the relationship of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of the country. Besides, self rule would ignite the forces of communalism and cause huge loss to the secular fabric of the country.

"I don't knowwhyPDP is not understanding this."

Health minister said,"if you have electedthe Governor, that implies that the Centre's control overJammu and Kashmir would be lost. What would happenif there is a constitutional break down, an emergency situation andfinancial emergency. If there is a rebellion, who would control that," he posed a series of questions underlining why the Congress in the state is opposingPDP's version of self rule.

Sharma whoalong withChief Minister GhulamNabi Azad and other party leaders is in the forefront ofdefining the "dangers in self rule", reminded former Chief Minister andPDP patron Mufti Mohammad SayeedSadar-e-Riyasatwas replaced with the Governor by none else but his political gurus Ghulam Mohammed Sadiq and DP Dhar.

Mufti was in the Congress forover five decades. He was regarded as a protégé of DP Dhar, an astute diplomat and politician of the country.

"It was during their period that central laws beneficial for the state were extended to Jammu and Kashmir. Even Shiekh Abdullah could notraise any objectionto that", Sharma said.

Taking strong exception to PDP's vow torevert to the days and times of the 16th century Kashmiri emperorYusuf Shah Chak,Mangat Ram said, "PDP is taking about Yusuf Shah Chak who ruled over the valley. What about the regions of Jammu and Ladakh. What is this nonsense. I don't understand."

"In simple words, it is anti-national."

He said:"It is our moral and patriotic duty to oppose self rule." He felt so strongly that herecalled:"In 1950 I had gone to jail to protest against the 'Dixion Formula' which also envisaged the division of Jammu and Kashmir and in 2006 how can we support any such notion on same lines."

"I don't understand what kind of self rule they (PDP) are asking for when we have a democratic set up in the state–we have elected the government of the people, for the people and by the people", he emphasized.

Further questioning the stand of PDP on self rule, Mangat Ram Sharma said, "Mufti should explain what kind of self rule they are asking now when it was in the wake of the 2002-Assembly elections which werehailed as free and fair by theentire international community and that propelled Mufti to the post of Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir state."

Is he and his colleaguesdoing it with the knowledge oftheir high command, for the Prime Minister himself has said that a working group would deliberate on the subject."It is our view point. So far, they have not askedus to stop opposing this dangerous notion. We can explain to them why we are opposing it."

First Published: Nov 01, 2006 17:13 IST