Pete Doherty an addiction for Kate Moss

Getting rid of her cocaine cravings might have been easier for Moss than being cured of Doherty addiction.

india Updated: Nov 07, 2006 13:18 IST

For Kate Moss, getting rid of her cocaine cravings might have still been easier, but boyfriend Pete Doherty is one such addiction, the supermodel probably never wants to get cured of.

Rumours of Moss' plans to get officially hitched to junkie rocker Doherty gained strength after she was seen flashing a diamond engagement ring, which friends say has been gifted to her by her drug-addict beau.

The couple's pals also said that when Kate attended Primal Scream singer Bobby Gillespie' s wedding two weeks ago she told them: "It's going to be me next."

On Friday, the pair were spotted leaving TV studio together, beforde heading for Kate's actress friend Davinia Taylor to spend the night there.

"Even when she was supposed to be with the comedian Russell Brand she was still secretly seeing Pete," The Sun quoted a friend of Kate's, as telling Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.

"She may be off the cocaine but Pete is like an addiction that she can't cure," the friend added.

Doherty recently attended a rehab clinic in Lisbon, Portugal, to try to kick his crack and heroin addiction again.

First Published: Nov 04, 2006 18:21 IST