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Police discover 12 more corpses in Baghdad

A series of roadside bombs and mortar attacks also shook the Iraqi capital wounding at least eight people.
None | By Associated Press, Baghdad
PUBLISHED ON MAR 27, 2006 12:16 PM IST

Police reported the discovery of 12 more corpses in Baghdad on Monday and a series of roadside bombs and mortar attacks shook the capital, wounding at least eight people, officials said.

Nine of the bodies were found in west Baghdad early on Monday with rope around their necks, Lt Akeel Fadhil said. The dead men were also handcuffed and blindfolded, he said.

Three bodies, of two men and a woman shot in the head, were found late on Sunday in east Baghdad, police said.

A mortar round slammed into a downtown street in the Karradah district, injuring three pedestrians, police said. Another mortar hit a home in Baladiyat in the east, but no casualties were reported.

Two separate roadside bombs targeting police patrols wounded a total of two policemen and three civilians in west and southwest Baghdad, police said.

The violence came a day after 69 people were reported killed in one of the bloodiest days in weeks.

Most of Sunday's dead appeared to be victims of the shadowy Sunni-Shiite score-settling that has torn at the fabric of Iraq since February 22 when a Shiite shrine was blown apart in Samarra, north of Baghdad.

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