Post-Valentine's Day musings

Updated on Feb 15, 2008 06:32 PM IST
A day after, filmmaker Vikram Bhatt revisits his primal youth and wonders if Valentine's Day is necessary at all.
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I was 16.. she was 16. It was the season of love. College, canteen, bunking classes and watching afternoon shows of boring films. Everything was happening for the first time and then I heard these words for the first time, "Next Thursday is Valentine's Day!"

I was thoroughly confused. For someone like me, who was obsessed with Robert Ludlum and cricket, Valentine's Day was unheard of.

"What happens on Valentine's Day?" I asked, at the risk of sounding unimpressive. She told me that it was a day for lovers.

Special feeling
On this day, lovers gave gifts to each other and made each other feel special.

"But shouldn't lovers be doing that every day?" I insisted. She threw her hands up in despair.. I pretended to have completely grabbed the concept.

The truth is, after so many years, I still don't completely understand the concept of Valentine's Day. For that matter, I don't quite understand the concept of any of these days Children's Day, Teacher's Day, Mother's day and Father's Day. Why do all these special people need days to feel special?

But I digress here. The point of this piece is Valentine's Day! Why would the most special person in one's life need a particular day to feel special? Have we ever wondered why we don't have ‘Watchman's Day', ‘Chauffeur's Day' and ‘Maid's Day'?

Simple truth
These poor guys desperately need to feel special but we don't bother.

Why? The answer is simple. The Watchman's Day con job is not profitable. The Lover's Day is. It's an extremely marketable concept. Can you imagine an advertisement that says, "This ‘Cleaner's Day, gift her this gold bracelet!"

It just wouldn't work. No one would buy the bracelet. The fraud would fail. Imagine the advertisement, "This Valentine's Day, present her this gift of love." Complete sell-out! There's the marketing con job. The revenue from this kind of day would be stunning, I'm sure. Cards, gifts, restaurants.. the list is staggering.

Everlasting love
It's all very well to be a part of this if one wants to. Be the Valentine or whatever it is that makes you happy but I protest against this pressure to celebrate Valentine's Day. It sends shivers down my spine and is like this huge event that comes towards you like a Tsunami.

"Okay everyone says we have to enjoy now!" "What do I buy for her?" "Where do I take her?" I refuse to become a victim and fall prey to this great business opportunity. Lovers don't need a day.. lovers don't need a week. Hell, if you know true love, it's everlasting.. and a lifetime is not enough to make her feel special.

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