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Raaz ki Baat

Every aspect of stardom arouses public and therefore media curiosity. Here are some never-before known facts about your favourite stars, compiled by RA Irani.

india Updated: Jul 27, 2007 19:00 IST
RA Irani
RA Irani

I've often been hounded about what Hrithik Roshan is really, really like. Adorable is the word. Now why does a hard-as-nails person like me get gooey?

Well, simply because he may not have been here at all if he'd listened to the Roshan family's wish that he go and study in the US, after completing his B.Com from Sydenham College.

Also bet you didn't know that as a kid, he would be competing with Aditya Chopra for the best dancer choc-o-award at birthday parties. Cute. Also that his staff - make-up man James, spot-boy Nandan and driver Susheel - have been with him from the outset of his career. Dugu's other permanent faithfuls - cats Tiger and Pearl and dog Puggy. <b1>

Now since we're talking Roshans, also let it be known that Rakesh Roshan was working as assistant director to Mohan Kumar, who was filming Aap Aaye Bahaar Aaye.. and it seems Pinkie, daughter of J Om Prakash, breezed into a party at Mohan Kumar's house. Pehli mulaqat led to marriage.

Forget Salman Khan.. Shah Rukh Khan can draw with amazing draughtsmanship.. and could give some of the best sketch artists of the country a run for their lakhs and crores. I haven't seen him paint yet.. but I do possess a sketch of Paris he did for me. It was a birthday present.. and hangs in my drawing room, next to an Anjolie Menon.

Cool! SRK only smokes one made-in India brand of cigarette, whether he's in New York or Tokyo.. it's very strong.. I sneaked a puff when he wasn't looking and I'm still coff-coffcoffing. <b2>

He also has his loyal staffers, man Friday Subash, make-up man Ravi, driver Mohan and bodyguard Yasin.

Aamir Khan, at one time, would wear concealed platforms in his shoes to look taller. Ulp, I hope he doesn't hit me or go into another harangue about the wicked ways of the media. And I do hope Mr Amitabh Bachchan does not want me to interview him at this point and say how wonderful the media is (as if we didn't know). Okay, the little known secret about him is that he paints too (not very well, I'm afraid).

Bobby Deol can repair laptops, computers and anything electronic. He stays too far away in the suburbs.. otherwise I might have asked him to help me with my Apple.

Any house Babita aunty, Karisma and Kareena have stayed in, Kareena has always been given the smallest room. Seniority matters.

The answering machine on Rekha's phone is to die for. It is in the voice of a man who is a cross between a kirana shop attendant and a school professor. Very serious. And Ma'am will always call back from the landline.. the cell phone number is for very specials. Alas, not me. Hint, hint. <b3>

Aishwarya Rai and mum Vrinda often listen to script narrations together.

Both usually have the same reaction, even if you've just read out the telephone directory to them - they are ecstatic and tell the filmmaker, it's wonderful. Then Vrindaji is no longer contactable and Ash gets married.

Gulzar collects Gautam Buddha heads.

When upset, Javed Akhtar's voice goes way more nasal than Himesh Reshammiya's.

H Reshammiya is very keen to do a remake of Masoom. Am a bit worried about that.. hope he doesn't want to do the role of Jugal Hansraj.. wearing a cap.. and Hansika Motwani as Shabana Azmi. Grisly thought. <b4>

Riya Sen's superb cook makes the best fish in the world.. perhaps because when she's cooking fish, she gets roaringly tipsy and goes ballistic on the mustard flavouring

Nana Patekar has an awesome collection of shirts, bats and jerseys signed by the Indian cricket team.

Govinda can be quite allergic to some colours on certain days.. though he wears black tunics nowadays.. he once had a guest wearing black thrown out of his sets, because the colour was giving him bad vibes.

Okay listen, there are plenty more vignettes I could tell you about the stars...but right now I must stop...because it's always better to save up some plot material for a sequel.

First Published: Jul 27, 2007 17:21 IST