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Rajasthan "Jan Morcha" to oppose BJP

The "progressive" body said it would support "democratic and secular candidates" to help end the current "political anarchy".
PTI | By Press Trust of India, Jaipur
PUBLISHED ON APR 09, 2004 12:53 PM IST

Rajasthan's Jan Morcha - a "progressive" body formed by various organisations and individuals - said it would support "democratic and secular candidates", including those of Left parties, to help end the current "political anarchy".

But it won't be fielding its own candidates in the elections, its manifesto, released by convenor Prem Krishna in Jaipur, said on Thursday.

"There is complete political anarchy in which criminal and communal elements are having hold over parliament and state assemblies and religious extremism is holding sway," the manifesto added.

"In a situation where economic disparity was increasing and disguised imperialist forces were trying to capture India's natural and economic resources through multi-national companies in the name of globalisation the country needed an alternative direction to its politics," it said.

"The formation of the Morcha by various progressive parties, organisations and voluntary bodies besides individuals is a step towards bringing politics out of its present mess for providing a dignified life to common people and check the irresponsible and corrupt behaviour of public servants," Sarvodaya leader Siddhraj Dhaddha and Magsasay-winning social activist Aruna Roy said.

Morcha leaders said although they advocated direct intervention in electoral politics, they did not want to take any hasty step that could help "fascist forces". Therefore, the Morcha would not field its candidates and support others to ensure BJP's defeat.

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