Rajnath Singh urges Muslims to support BJP

Accusing the Congress of vote bank politics, the BJP president proclaimed that for a stable India, Muslims should support BJP, reports Sanjeev Shivadekar

india Updated: Nov 27, 2006 22:27 IST

A day after he was re-elected President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Rajnath Singh urged ‘Muslim’ voters to stand by the party for stability and safety of the nation.

Addressing a Mahila Nirdhar Mealva, a rally of party’s women’s wing, in Mumbai, Singh said, "Our nation will become stable and safe the day Muslim community votes for the BJP."

Ironiclally, Singh attacked Congress for playing vote bank politics especially of appeasing minority community.

Alleging that Congress is playing a role similar to one played by the Muslin League before the Independence, Singh said BJP would not allow another partition of the nation.

The BJP President made it clear that his party would support the women reservation bill. In an effort to appease women present in the auditorium Singh said that according to him more then male cadre of the party, it was ladies wing of the BJP that could convince people in a better way to vote for the party.

Meanwhile, first solicitor general of the state Sulabha Chougale, along with few other prominent female activists joined the BJP. The initiative of bringing these ladies to join party was taken by fashion designer and BJP leader NC Shaina.

BJP leader Gopinath Munde, who has nursed an ambition to become chief minister, could not control his feelings while addressing the crowd.

In his speech Munde quipped that BJP has given maximum ladies chief ministers in the country and in coming days, may be in Maharashtra, but give me one chance before that.

First Published: Nov 27, 2006 22:27 IST