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Rose-tinted glasses

N Chandra Mohan in Your pink slip is showing (Deep Fish, November 3) has raised important concerns for economic growth.

india Updated: Nov 04, 2008 21:07 IST

N Chandra Mohan in Your pink slip is showing (Deep Fish, November 3) has raised important concerns for economic growth. But it pays for the stock market players and brokers to create positive sentiments. Just like in the US when people kept celebrating economic success but ignored the joblessness in the lower rungs of society. Due to the panic created in the banking system, people are withdrawing deposits from banks and investing in ‘safer options’. This is leading to a global shortage of dollars and causing a serious liquidity crunch. We urgently need to restore confidence in the banking system to alleviate the situation.

Bhuvnesh Chaturvedi, Delhi

Unite against terrorism

With reference to the editorial Trial by terror, this time it’s Assam (Our Take, October 31), the devastating attacks in Assam show how the perpetrators of mindless violence have become emboldened, while the political parties continue to play the blame game. Sadly, all that people are doing is playing into the hands of terrorists who wish to sow the seeds of disunity. Unless we unite on this issue, the perpetrators will continue to strike with impunity.

Syed Salman Ghani, Patna

A timely warning

Pankaj Vohra in Standing at crossroads (Between us, November 3) has sounded a timely warning to the Congress. Problems like safety of migrants, J&K, religious violence, economic crisis, regional and linguistic chauvinism and terrorism are getting more acute while its coalition allies keep pulling in different directions. Calling the Union government indecisive and impotent, he has highlighted the urgent need for a leader like Indira Gandhi to prevent the Balkanisation of India. If the political leadership does not rise to the occasion now, Vohra’s warning, though alarming, might prove to be right..

KS Bhalla, Delhi

Kumble a role model

Apropos of the report Jumbo quits (November 3), by all accounts, Anil Kumble is the quintessential ambassador of the gentleman’s game. Industrious and dignified, Kumble is essentially a role model for our youngsters. He has proved that you can win hearts and games without being aggressive or abusive and that there are elegant ways to respond to even malicious comments. Not many have been able to earn such accolades from colleagues, opponents and fans alike. Kumble will always be remembered by cricket lovers.

CNN Nair, Mumbai

Blame RJD for Bihar’s plight

With reference to the report Lalu turns up heat over Maharashtra (November 3), the Congress and Lalu Prasad’s RJD are responsible for the sorry plight of Biharis across India, by failing to to attract investment and generate work in the state during their long rules, triggering massive out-migration. Now they are back trying to garner votes from people’s misery.

RB Srivastava, Etawah