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Search for Self: Part II

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
May 15, 2004 05:24 PM IST

We look to Ascended Masters, see how few of them there are down the ages, and we wonder if we can ever become like one of these great Masters.

Buddhism is the one religion where one learns to become a true blue human being. This is worked out only after the human being has peeled off the layers of the clouds of confusion that covers the mind.
These are consisting of all human emotions, like anger, greed, lust, jealousy, spitefulness, anxiety and turmoil. When, one by one, each of these is pulled out, and faced off with, in the light of our souls, then we reach the innermost layer, which is our true self, the Divinity within.

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We look to Ascended Masters, see how few of them there are down the ages, and we wonder if we can ever become like one of these great Masters. Yet I am telling you today, that it IS possible for each one of you to take the gifts of the New Energy, and actually become an Ascended Master, by following the Light. Enlightenment is not only for the chosen few, for if you wish to be one of the chosen ones, you can just choose yourself!

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Enlightenment is real, we can, with the right training, and the specific application, realize the true nature of the mind, and so reach within, to that core that is deathless, and eternally pure. It is not an exotic or fantastic idea, it is an idea whose time has come, and I say to each one of you, step forward, step forward one small step at a time, and take that giant leap of faith towards self realization.

Buddhism has a lot to teach in this regard, and I assure you, that whatever orthodox school of religion you may have followed till date, seeking the true nature of the mind will not clash with any such ideology.

The Buddhists call it the 'wisdom of ordinariness, our true nature being ordinary, not extraordinary, as we have always supposed it to be. Let us not allow the 'clever; intellect tell us otherwise, for then we lose that simple beauty and charm that we were born with, and which has been woven around with our conditioning, all because of the cleverness of the intellect. The seeds of delusion are first sown by this clever mind.

And when we reach that still point within, where everything in life does not seem to matter, for we have set the mind free of such delusion, we understand the true nature of the mind!

The fear of death, the insecurity of losing our possessions and relationships, all fall away, and a new sense of bravery, and an insatiable desire to live life fully understanding the inner self bursts forth. The momentum of this desire then grows like an addiction, pulling us along the path, willy-nilly, even when any other distractions beckon us.

What is the first and the quickest step in this direction?

It is meditation. For it is only meditation that will purify us of the dross of the human ego, exhausting its habits and illusions, one by one, until one fine day we are presented with the image of our true face, the face of our own Divinity. We become the embodiment of compassion, a Living Truth!

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