SIBLING RIVALRY: 'I am jealous of my sister'
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SIBLING RIVALRY: 'I am jealous of my sister'

What makes Shilpa envious of Shamita?

india Updated: Jan 30, 2006 13:56 IST
Alka Rastogi
Alka Rastogi

Leggy lass Shilpa Shetty, recently in Lucknow to launch a VLCC beauty salon, talks about her relation with Shamita and what makes her envious of her equally sexy sister.

What kind of a relationship do you share with your sister? Are you jealous of her?
Yes, in a way. It is a healthy sibling rivalry that we share. This jealousy often helps me to become more competitive and more beautiful than her and helps me in performing better.

Like you is your sister also a fitness freak?
She is a bugger freak. I remember not having eaten properly for ten days before shooting for Baras Jaa. I got goose bumps at the thought of appearing with her in the same frame at studio sets.

You are a non-vegetarian. Then how come you got associated with PETA?
Being a meat eater is one thing and feeling about animals is another thing. I want to protect the rights of animals. I just love them. I have been associated with PETA for the last four years. I do admit that I am not a vegetarian and therefore I can't be the formal ambassador for their cause. But I am their true ambassador. I have also done anti-zoo campaigns for PETA. My parents have taught Shamita and me to love animals.

Do you owe your success to your beauty or talent?
Both I guess. My genes are blessed and therefore I have a beautiful face and a sexy figure. But I also have unique dancing skills and a talent for acting. That is why I am surviving triumphantly in the industry. I joined Bollywood when I was only 17. When I joined the industry I was OTT epoch.

What is OTT epoch?
It was Over The Top epoch where actresses were under the impression that the more make-up you put the better you look but now there is a welcome change.

Do you think that the audience has awakened?
Yes. The audience today is very wise. They want their money's worth. The audience can't be befooled now. They want good quality films. By quality films I mean films that give them good entertainment. TV is now a big competitor. I welcome the new wave in films, which allows strong portrayals of women.

Are you associated with the AIDS awareness program?
Yes. My heart definitely reaches out for AIDS patients who have wrongly reached out for bodies of many women or men.

How was the experience of doing a non-glam film like Phir Milenge?
I think Revathi is a brilliant director as well as a brilliant actress. Unlike others she does not dictate terms. She gives space to the actor and that is when the performance comes out spectacularly. I think she passed on everything she had learnt, in all these years, to me. My awe for this southern actress-turned director has only grown since I came into contact with he.

Are you game for exposure in the years to come?
Of course, if the occasion demands.

Are you a God-fearing person?
Yes, very much. God is above everything and everybody else. I never crack cheap jokes about God. I am very religious. I also believe that God has planned everything for us in advance.

So, what projects are there in the pipeline?
I am doing Aapne with Dharmendraji, Sunny Deol and Katrina Kaif. I think Dharmendraji is the most sexy and handsome man in the film industry.

Do you plan to do crossover films?
I don't plan to move to Hollywood or do any crossover project.

First Published: Jan 30, 2006 10:07 IST