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Spirit of Mother Earth: Part III

The indigenous people, who tilled the Earth, would be able to instinctively explain that the Earth is a Mother for them.

india Updated: Jan 10, 2004 16:30 IST

We now go on to explore our Spiritual connection with our Divine Mother Earth.

The indigenous people, who tilled the Earth, would be able to instinctively explain that the Earth is a Mother for them. In fact, in India, a farmer would part with anything else, when in dire straits, but would never let go of his land, to which he feels he owes the gratitude that is especially reserved for the Mother. A lot of tribal wars, incidentally, are also fought over rights to property.

Have you heard of people who have 'green fingers'? This expression connotes a human who is so in love with the Earth, and connects from his own heart level to that of the earth, to be able to grow anything. The Earth responds lovingly to all the love that this human pours into her. Therefore why should it be a matter of surprise for us if the Earth also responds to negative actions of humans like war, terror and all fear based acts.

Having understood that the Earth has a consciousness which vibrates in tandem with that of the humans living on it, and off it, let us go a step further. Let us learn to clear and control the spiritual consciousness of our planet through our own spiritual means.

Let us say that there is a trouble spot in our country, or anywhere in the world, which has seen so much strife and bloodshed, that the causal body of that area is seeped in horror- drenched vibrations. The very air becomes filled with fear and traumatic vibrations, and any sensitive person will certainly feel these as a distinctly uncomfortable area to be in.

When the collective human intent of that area changes from war consciousness to peace consciousness, then this intent gets translated into the Earth, bringing about the change that is needed. Has this not been experienced in countries like South Africa, where the freedom consciousness of the entire population brought down a well-entrenched Government, and freed their leader after almost three decades of incarceration?

In each case, when the critical mass of consciousness is reached, which can overturn the events of the past and the present, things turn swiftly to a positive ending. That is why it is so critical, at this juncture of Earth's Journey into the Light, that we involve as many humans as possible in our prayers and visualizations for Peace.

On the 27th of December 2003, an organization mobilized a Billion people's Peace meditation for 60 seconds, to provide the laser-beam like energy for the planet to overturn its war- mentality into one of peace. The consciousness of a group that large, with one focused intent, can achieve what many individuals working separately cannot.

In your visualizations for a peaceful Earth, linking spiritually, from the heart and intent with all the like minded humans who are doing the same, pour all your loving energies like an iridescent fountain, all over the planet. Loving it into peace, as you would a small child who has been repeatedly abused, and needs to be healed.

Let us say to each other, "We are over with the fighting, let us now have peace, and get on with making our lives, and our Mother Earth, joyful, prosperous and abundant".

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First Published: Jan 10, 2004 16:04 IST