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Squeezing the last drop

To increase fuel efficiency of your bikes, it is important to regularly keep the carburettor clean.
PTI | By Deepesh Rathore
PUBLISHED ON JUL 02, 2003 05:00 PM IST

I once read that petrol and other fossil fuels are diminishing, irreplaceable commodities that will disappear from mother earth within 15 years. That was 15 years back and while there does not seem to be any signs of fossil fuels vanishing yet, petrol prices sure have gone up six fold. Petrol also seems to have become the root of all evil, big and small. In this scenario it is very important that one should conserve petrol and try to get the maximum mileage out of his vehicle.

Here are some handy tips to squeeze the life out of the last drop of petrol in your bike’s fuel tank:

Always ride within the optimum engine speed. Depending on the bike you ride, there is bound to be a fuel economy optimum speed band indicator. It may be the power/economy throttle sensor in TVS bikes or the changing colour needle (groovy!) in the Calibre 115 or just the green band between 40-60 kph on the speedo in other models. It is prudent that one rides in this band.

Acceleration should be steady, smooth and slow, unless there are rabid dogs running after you.

Once you know that you have to turn at a particular corner or stop at a traffic light, it is advisable to do it steadily over a distance rather than first vengefully accelerating and then screeching on the brakes at the last moment.

Maintain correct tyre pressure at all times.

Do not let petrol spill while refueling. It is a common sight to see drops of petrol spilling from the hose when one is refueling. Avoid that.

The spark plug is there to be cleaned at regular, frequent intervals.

The same goes for the carburettor too. Cleaning and adjusting the carburetor is necessary.

Follow these handy tips and get the maximum out of your fuel money. Not only will one reduce the fuel bills but will also ensure a long and trouble free life for the machine. 

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