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Step out of your shadow

Some of best-known women in American media are bracing themselves for a blistering attack on their role in perpetuating fear psychosis in women.

india Updated: Mar 15, 2004 12:52 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

As it is humans find it very hard to avoid becoming fearful, with the dog-eat-dog attitude that is widely prevalent today, be it in relationships or in offices. Women, being the more emotional of the two sexes (for practical purposes I will not include the other categories of sexes), easily fall prey to what is written, or what is expressed through television, especially be women media persons.

Some of the best-known women in the American media are bracing themselves for a blistering attack on their role in initiating and perpetuating the fear psychosis in unsuspecting women.

Myrna Blyth, who was editor of the Ladies Home Journal for a very long time has come out with a book, titled Spin Sisters. This book exposes how the women of the media have been perpetuating this shadowy crime to manipulate them, by instilling fear for all it was worth, using scary headlines and terror filled remarks to sell their journalism.

These media persons have been instrumental in spreading what can be termed the 'victim virus' wherein each woman who read or heard them would visualize herself as being a terrorized victim of her shadowy abusers.

If these 'victim viruses' have carried you away, then it is time to devise a strategy to counteract this feeling.

Relax, and allow your whole body to become so comfortable, that you feel all tension in the muscles has been drained away.

Walk up to the steps of a magnificent temple. Visualize the details of the temple: you may see it as a crystal cathedral, or a golden domed temple, with wondrously shining golden doors opening up to welcome you.

As you walk in, the feeling of a sacred peace overwhelms you. The high-powered energy of this blissful vibration seeps into you, as you gaze around, absorbing it completely.

When you feel at one with this amazing peace, visualize yourself lighting a lamp, or a candle. As you light the flame, the aura of light springs up around you, but you see that your body has also cast a shadow, which is deep and dark.

This is the shadow of the culmination of all the fears that you have locked up in your psyche all these years. Take a good look at them, identify each one of them, and see which part of your body they are identified closely with.

For example, if you have the fear of being left alone by your loved ones, then it will be the dark shadow of your heart that will be affected. If it is the fear of being hurt or killed, then it will attach itself to the head area.

Now, pick up the shadow, much as if you would pick up some garbage that you wish to take out of your self, wrap it up in a Violet coloured cloud, to purify it, and then see it dissolve in a stream of sparkling clear water.

Once you have cleared out the shadow part of yourself, completely, you will find that you are left radiant and shimmering, relieved, and at peace with yourself.

You are now brave enough to face the world on your own terms!

First Published: Mar 15, 2004 12:30 IST