Suicide bomber was in Pak prison earlier

The Jaish man had been released from prison in Afghanistan and was later cleared by security agencies for "good conduct".

india Updated: Sep 29, 2005 18:35 IST

A hardcore Jaish militant, identified as one of the suspected suicide bombers who tried to assassinate President Pervez Musharraf, had been released from prison in Afghanistan and was later cleared by Pakistani security agencies for good conduct.

Jameel, 23, was captured by Afghan security forces in an injured condition soon after the ouster of Taliban and was handed over to Pakistan security forces along with 29 other militants.

He was declared "white" by Pakistani security agencies and was cleared after questioning by Joint Interrogation Team (JIT) in April last year.

The JIT had concluded that the suspect was not involved in any anti-state activities and nothing adverse had been found against him, local daily The Dawn reported.

Jameel, hailing from Torarh in PoK, had attended militant training camps in Rishkore near Kabul when Taliban was in power and was actively involved in carrying out several terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, it said.

He was identified two days ago after police found his partially damaged face at the site of the December 25 attack on Musharraf in Rawalpindi. The other suicide bomber has been identified as an Afghan from the ranks of the jehadi groups active in the North West Frontier Province.

First Published: Dec 30, 2003 17:10 IST