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Sunday letters

Khushwant Singh's brief write-up Recalling the India-Pakistan war of 1971 (With Malice Towards One and All, January 1) raked up memories about the creation of Bangladesh 40 years ago.

india Updated: Jan 07, 2012 21:43 IST
Hindustan Times

Fighting the good fight

Khushwant Singh's brief write-up Recalling the India-Pakistan war of 1971 (With Malice Towards One and All, January 1) raked up memories about the creation of Bangladesh 40 years ago. India deployed its armed forces to help the Mukti Bahini in East Pakistan to save those suffering humiliation and atrocities under Pakistani rule. Indira Gandhi managed to convince the world about the nefarious role being played by Pakistan. Singh's article should be a source of inspiration for young Indians.
-- AS Malhotra, via email

Now an ex-serviceman from the Indian Navy, I fought in many decisive wars. Today, I fight for pension as a matter of right. Our successive governments must remember the sacrifice made by soldiers who scripted history in 1971.
-- Niranjan Chakraborty, Mumbai

Making little of the job

The article Small, not beautiful (Chanakya, January 1) presents a brilliant analysis of the role of smaller political parties in Indian politics. Politicians must remember that cheap humour is not enough to win people. Today people are demanding accountability from Parliament. We did not have a conclusive, healthy national debate on lokpal. Our elected representatives must introspect whether they are doing justice to the nation or fooling the masses.
-- Nafay Kumail, via email

Elected representatives get away with poor contribution to parliamentary debates and undignified behaviour as the electorate is largely politically immature. Much to the delight of political parties, voters continue to be swayed by considerations of caste, religion, money and muscle-power. Only a social awakening and quality education can ensure reasonable levels of debate and proper behaviour inside Parliament.
-- Jawahar Lal Dehra, Faridabad

While parliamentarians are elected to make laws, they fail to do that by disrupting the Parliament. Many important bills are waiting to see the light of day. Unless the elected representatives take governance seriously, people's frustration and anger are likely to increase. The Opposition must also realise that they are not holding office merely to create obstructions for the government. Defeating good initiatives is not a good strategy.
-- AB Mehta, Bhopal

The road that lies ahead

With reference to Rajesh Mahapatra's article Look ahead in wonder (India Empowered, January 1), while there are temporary apprehensions about the nation's fate, India has the capacity to succeed and be a source of inspiration to the world. The media is acting as a good barometer of public aspirations, which will lead towards a better future.
-- MPS Chadha, Mohali

The year 2011 has not been encouraging. Unless drastic changes are introduced in the way the country is governed, not much progress can be expected. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must act fast for the development of the country.
-- Sharda Bhargav, via email

Putting words to good use

Karan Thapar's article Twist in the tale (Sunday Sentiments, January 1) was worth reading. Parapros-dokians is quite a big word but not difficult to understand. The examples mentioned by Thapar amply illustrated the concept. It is certainly a godsend for debaters, if they care to use it.
-- Daksh Gulati, Lucknow

Winding up the year

Manas Chakravarty's write-up Now where was I? (Loose Canon, January 1) allowed us to relive the year that just went past in good humour. This is the time to learn from the mistakes made in 2011 and work towards a new beginning.
-- Komal Gupta, Delhi

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First Published: Jan 07, 2012 21:39 IST