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Surfer's poem: Water

Dried was the river, for two years or so, cracked was the earth, with not a plant to grow, sad was the farmer, writes Rinky Bera.

india Updated: Mar 13, 2006 12:57 IST

Dried was the river
For two years or so
Cracked was the earth
With not a plant to grow
Sad was the farmer
With nothing to survive
Dead was his mother
With hunger and strive
Suddenly showered the rain
Heavily as ever as if it
Wouldn't stop again
Pouring down and pouring down
With the people's universal shout
Ready were the farmers with their plough
Their wives visited the temple
Before the god to bow.

With water was the river filled
And green were the fields
Yes! Filled was the river with water
The days were gone which were hotter
But Alas!!
The village was in destruction
Flood! Yes flood, was the reason.

Earlier it was drought
But now it was flood
Earlier it was thirst
Now it was the worst.

Sunk were the cattle,
Drained were the trees.
She saw her son going

But couldn't save him from drowning.

Journalists had matters to write
And politicians had reasons to fight.

All were bothered about the flood,
The trees, cattle, and houses made of mud.
But who cared about the humans there?
Who sat and heard their prayers?
Before the elections all made promises
Now who looked back on those cases?

Died o'er thousands of them
Just because of lack of water
Dying were hundreds of them
Just because of plenty of water.
Is water a curse or a boon?
What's the answer? Answer me soon!

Is it a saver? Or a destroyer?
Or just a matter to write and fight?
Rinky Bera
Sacred Heart Convent School, Jamshedpur

First Published: Mar 13, 2006 12:57 IST