Surfer's say: Life is a fluid?

What is life? None of the answers are accurate, because we explain life with our own point of view, writes teacher Mukesh Setia.
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Updated on Feb 27, 2006 02:47 PM IST
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What is life? There are a million answers to this question but none is accurate, because we each explain life with our own point of view, and views differ. So do the description and the gist of life.

Every second, you and we are thinking; and are a part of a continuous exercise. Moreover, this thinking of ours is responsible for the development of our personality to a large extent. While thinking we feel like swimming, swimming in one bizarre pool to gather the meaning of our existence and actuality. 

The pool in which we swim is life.

The pool is full of a fluid, a fluid, which keeps changing, at times it is highly viscous and at others it is in viscid. The pool is luminous, and emits different lights at different times.

Sometimes the fluid appears to be dark and cold and at others it becomes rose syrup, honey or a fruit jam! In each case we have to swim. The pool has a funny characteristic; the viscosity does not impinge on the speed of the swimmer but its appearance does. 

The dark, tar like surface refers to the struggle phase, where you are surrounded by negativity. The times when we do give in our best and still nothing seems to be going right and we start doubting everyone around us and ourselves too. We become slow, tired and dejected. However, we have to swim no matter what avatar the fluid dons, otherwise we will cease to exist.

If you are going through this, don't worry, because surely someday the fluid surface will turn to fruit and honey, the fatigue and restlessness will go away and you will swim happily for many more years to come.

Accept each surface as a challenge, and never give up. Keep swimming because your swimming can change the fluid's surface and then swimming will be tranquil.
Mukesh  Setia
Author of the book Bansuri The feelings
Director,AVTE INDIA Pvt. Ltd.
an educational institute
New Delhi

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