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SurferSpeak | 'A sham called peace talks'

Surfers slam PM for his statement on Pak's commitment to contain terror.

india Updated: Sep 19, 2006 19:09 IST

Dr Manmohan Singh and Pakistani President Musharraf met in Havana, Cuba during the just concluded NAM summit. This is the first time the two South Asia heads of state have met after the Mumbai train and Malegaon blasts.

Dr Singh's statement that his Pakistani counterpart has expressedwillingness to contain terroremanating from his country has been met with disdain and ridicule. More that blaming the Pakistani president, surfers are angry with the Indian establishment for its inability to act tough.

Here's how the feedback went.

London-based MP Dwesar felt Pakistan could never be believed.

"I'm a senior citizen residing in UK and have been closely watching Pakistan's behaviour since 1947. Pakistan says one thing and does exactly the opposite. When the formation of Pakistan was formally announced by the British the slogan of Muslim League followers was, 'Hans ke liyaa hai Pakistan, lad ke lenge Hindustan.' This is the only promise the other side has kept."

"If Pakistan was genuinely sincere about its commitment to fight terrorism, they would have handed over Dawood Ibrahim and scores of terrorists sheltered on the other side of the border and the ISI would have been disbanded. They would have readily exchanged intelligence with India about terrorist activities in their country as they do with USA, the UK and the West."

"Pervez Musharraf was the sole architect of Kargil. We are fooling ourselves that we can trust him now when he is the supreme dictator of Pakistan."

RK Mehta from New Delhi thought the idea of peace between India and Pakistan was a good joke.

"Better Indo-Pak ties - not for a few centuries at least!"

Pune's Bharati wondered how would a country, considered a safe haven for terrorist, fight the malaise.

"How will a 'terrorist' nation fight terrorism? Indo-Pak anti-terror mechanism is another game plan of Pakistan against India."

Jay from Philadelphia, USA felt it was a case of yet another of Indian politician fooling his countrymen.

"Once again an Indian politician in order to take the credit for foreign policy is trying to seek better relations with Pakistan. Well, all the theory and discussion aside, has it agreed till this day that Dawood lives in Pakistan?"

Kishore wondered how a "problem" could be a "part of the solution".

"Since when in history has it been a successful approach to resolving any issue where 'the problem' is co-opted to be 'part of the solution'? It has already failed in the case of USA which has tried to make Pakistan part of the solution instead of the problem."

"Pakistan has in the past and continues to be the 'root cause' of terrorism worldwide."

Ashok Kumar of Dallas, USA went all out in attacking the UPA government for going soft on terror.

"Congress/UPA is a party with no guts at all. Back again to talking table. What about the innocent people who lost their lives on 7/11? If you had to continue talks what was the point in stopping it in the first place? What difference did it make? Did terrorism stop or do we have Dawood in custody?"

"Shame on you Government of India! So the suspension of talks was just a gimmick, a sham."


All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of

First Published: Sep 19, 2006 12:10 IST