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SurferSpeak | Hang them...

Leaving no room for leniency, surfers demand death for Nithari killers.

india Updated: Jan 07, 2007 12:41 IST

TheNithari killings have shaken the collective conscience of our nation. Nothing is more obvious than the volume of responses all stories related to the episode have been receiving.

We asked our surfers if policemen should also be meted out the harshest punishment, if found to have abetted a crime. The responses most forcefully endorse the view. In fact, many thought tribal justice would serve as the best deterrent.

Here's how it went.

A surfer writing under the pseudonym VIC said, "Do not waste time and money to try these monsters. Just shoot them and throw their bodies in a jungle. The police officers who have been proved guilty for abetting the crime should be hung in front of general population as a deterrence for other police officers."

Bharti was even more direct. She said, "Yes, they should be stoned to death."

An anonymous surfer insisted the punishment should be like nothing the country has seen before.

He added, "Yes, give them the punishment that no one has received till now in the history of India."

Prabhakar agreed and had this to say. He thought, "20 months is a long period and does not explain their laxity and lack of intelligence. Such a crime should be taken seriously."

Debjani felt death by hanging would serve as a fitting example.

"This can easily be termed as the 'heights of brutalism'. The question arises why the authorities responded so late? It has always happened that due to police negligence general masses suffer. Please stop these brutal acts. These people who acted so brutally should be hanged till death."

Another anonymous surfer said, "An example should be set for others by punishing the culprits (police officers) so that such negligence will not happen in the future."

Rajeeva felt sending the perpetrators of the crime to a gas chamber and choking them to death would be apt.

"Mohinder and his servant and other people involved in this gruesome killing should be gassed to death in front of the victims," he said.

Saba who is an NRI had this to say.

"I don't believe this is a simple case of kidnappings and murder."

"It seems too convoluted for that. What I am interested in knowing is why the papers are not devoting as much space to this story as the TV news channel Zee is. I am shocked to see that a story about ordinary people does not take too much space on national dailies. Yours is the only paper where I have managed to find some material."

"How shameful that politicians and some TV news anchors should milk the story for all its worth, while national dailies who could offer educated, balanced well researched stories should remain silent. I am an NRI and read newspapers on the net."

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of

First Published: Jan 07, 2007 12:41 IST