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SurferSpeak: Why ban male teachers?

A surfer speaks against the reverse discrimination, insisting India has become a female-dominated society.

india Updated: Jan 17, 2007 11:55 IST
Common Man
Common Man

Is there something called National Human Rights Commission in India? If it really exists, then why are they silent over the decision of Indira Yadav, director of Education at the Municipal Corporation of Delhi? She has banned all male teachers from 1,200 schools. And she says that it is an attempt to eliminate the risk of children being sexually assaulted! How many complaints does she have to justify her decision?

She said they received three "or" four complaints in the last two years. She is not even sure whether there are three or four complaints. Just because they received three or four complaints, they have no rights to take away the livelihood of thousands of male teachers. What is more shocking is the human rights commission is keeping mum. It is a gross violation of basic rights of men. It is an utterly ridiculous decision ever to be taken by some authority. The government is keeping quiet may be because the decision has come from a woman.

So much for being a male-dominated society!

Recently, a female teacher stripped three six-year-old boys and paraded them naked in the whole school. Shockingly, nobody thought this is an extreme case of sexual abuse and the teacher was let off scot-free. Apparently, protecting this wicked teacher is more important than giving justice to these innocent boys. Is this because the victims were not girls? All the evidence is directing us to believe that boys have no human rights and therefore, only when a girl is sexually abused or if a girl "felt" she was abused, the police will come into action, otherwise if the culprit had been a woman, she would be immune to all legal action only because she is a woman.

Yes, women call this gender equality. Besides, if one needs to prevent such incidents to occur again, why not ban all female teachers from schools? Yes, then in that case it becomes the violation of so-called "rights" of women. This does not apply to men, correct? They are openly declaring that all men are criminals, and the human rights commission is busy counting the number of times their gothic fans rotates in their office.

Everybody vehemently criticised the decision of Maharashtra state to ban dance bars, but nobody seems to be bothered about male teachers in Delhi. It seems that people respect the exotic dancers who corrupt the minds of the youngster more than the male teachers, who foster the future of the children of India.

It is now open to all the people that for the last one decade, whatever these women organisations had been spreading about the need of women empowerment, are all false. The reports, the statistics, articles, research and survey provided by these women groups are all false.

Will this deception of women groups damage the status of women? It definitely will and there is no immediate scope to repair this damage. The society has understood the way these women groups are destroying the peace and harmony of the society with false reports, statistics, research and surveys. The laws that they are proposing to protect women's so-called "rights" is no more than a tyrannical way of enslaving men legally.

It is a shame that not even the media took up this issue seriously. All this proves that it is now a female-dominated society. It also proves that men have no human rights and they have no rights to even complain. However, the society will continue to read and hear from these wicked women's groups that it is a male dominated society, as a way to deceive the people.

Only God can save Indian men because the government, judiciary, police and media are all protecting "women".

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First Published: Jan 17, 2007 11:55 IST