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SurferSpeak | You're wasting your bombs!

In an open letter to 'Mr Terrorist' our surfer explains why he will never win.
None | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON JUL 25, 2006 02:05 PM IST

It's all a waste, really.

If you were rejoicing at the destruction you caused, think again, Mr Terrorist. In a few hours, things will be back to normal, people will be back at work, men will be back on the streets and you will be back in hiding, like rats, trying to dig deeper and deeper into your filthy holes, hoping no one will catch you.

Thought we were scared? I think you're the one who's scared, Mr Terrorist. What a stupid way to live your life. And for what?

We know this has nothing to do with religion. We know your kind. There is no God in cowardly acts such as yours. So, are you fighting for some sort of freedom? There is no way you're going to achieve anything, by blasting bombs on trains carrying innocent civilians!

It's easy to kill civilians but honestly you will achieve nothing with that, neither freedom for your people, nor salvation for your soul, nor any other crazed thing that your disillusioned mind is imagining.

And how many of us will you kill anyway? Do you even know how many of us there are? Do you think we're ever going to be sympathetic to your cause if you kill our countrymen?

Or did you imagine in your wildest dreams that you can make us bow down to you? We won't ever, Mr Terrorist.

It's often been written that if you kill one terrorist, there's always another waiting to take his place. Well, if you were feeling happy and proud at that statement, let me just remind you that for every armed forces personnel who dies in combat, there are ten others, more than ready to take his place. And for every civilian you kill, there are a million people who unite and turn against you, who are motivated to join the fight against you.

You can fight us for all eternity, Mr Terrorist, but you'll never win.

If you're motivated, so are we. But there is a difference between you and us, Mr Terrorist. Your life will always be a life of hiding, like rats. Ours will always be a life remembered, and respected, by all. Your life will be consumed by hatred. We will live our lives, at peace with ourselves.

If you thought happiness was in destruction, try, just once to compare it with the happiness in creation.

All your bombs can create are noise pollution. Just for your information, the markets will open and run. The sensex will be up as usual.

Do remember, that most of your kind will die terrible, violent deaths. And you're in queue.

Even as I write, you're back in hiding. Living your life in fear, in suspicion, in hatred. You're wasting your bombs. More than that, you're wasting your lives.

The common man

Sundip Gopinath writes on behalf of the common man and can be reached

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