SWC chief accused of torturing father-son duo

STATE WOMEN?S Commission chairperson Ranjana Bajpai has been accused of illegal confinement and torture of a father-son duo in her Lucknow residence.

india Updated: Mar 19, 2006 21:04 IST

STATE WOMEN’S Commission chairperson Ranjana Bajpai has been accused of illegal confinement and torture of a father-son duo in her Lucknow residence.

In a complaint addressed to Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav, Suhela Kidwai, resident of Miyan Ganj in Biswan, has alleged that Bajpai had tortured her husband Suhail Ahmad Kidwai and son Mohd. Zayed Kidwai and kept them in illegal confinement at her Lucknow residence for four days from March 8. She said her husband was finally released on March 12 night near IT College crossing in Lucknow in her official car by her aides. Her son Mohd Zayed was, however, sent to Khairabad Police Station, where on March 13 evening an FIR for embezzling Rs 320000 was filed. He was later sent to jail.

Zayed told HT in Sitapur jail that he had gone to Delhi to meet Harsh Bajpai, son of Ranjana Bajpai and owner of Harshat Enterprises, Jamaitpur. According to Zayed, he was a commission agent and booked orders from Biswan and Mahmudabad areas.

He took supplies of mobil oil from Harshat Enterprises. He said while he made payments for the supplies he received from the firm, some of the payments collected by him got stolen. He said the matter was reported to Harsh Bajpai at his Delhi residence on March 7. Harsh had then asked Zayed to contact him at his Lucknow residence on March 9.

When Zayed along with his father went there, both of them were confined in a room and tortured for three days. Suhail was released only after the father-son duo signed a couple of papers. Zayed was, however, brought to Sitapur and was handed over to Khairabad Police and sent to jail, Zayed said.

When contacted Ranjana Bajpai said Mohd. Zayed was appointed a commission agent in January 2006 by the firm belonging to her son Harsh. He had taken supplies of mobil oil worth more than Rs 5 Lakh. She admitted that part payments were made to the firm by Zayed. But on March 7, Zayed went to Delhi and told Harsh that the bag in which he was carrying Rs.320000, to be hand over to the firm, was stolen in the bus.

He said he had come to him to assure that he would give the money back to him in installments. Harsh asked him to contact him in Lucknow. In Lucknow, when they grilled the duo, both of them were found to be telling lies and ultimately admitted that the money had been lost in gambling. Zayed even disclosed the names of the persons with whom he had gambled. She said the Sitapur police told her that the boy was in the habit of gambling.

Bajpai alleged that her opponents in Biswan and in Samajwadi Party were forcing Zayed’s family members to level false allegations against her and her family members. She said she was at the moment in Allahabad but very soon would come to Sitapur and apprise the Press of the real facts.

First Published: Mar 19, 2006 21:04 IST