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'Talks only way out for Sri Lanka'

The global community should engage in more forceful dialogue, say surfers.

india Updated: Apr 29, 2006 15:44 IST

The troubled island of Sri Lanka is again in news. A suicide bomber posing as a pregnant woman blew herself on April 25, 2006 close to the Sri Lankan Army headquarters in Colombo, derailing the fragile peace process.

The impunity with which the Tamil tigers attack Sri Lanka targets has left many dazed.

But most of surfers stoutly denounce such meaningless violence. Some sympathise with Tamils, but most call for an end of violence.

An anonymous writer tells us, "Forces from India and neighbouring countries can do a lot to bring the unrest to an end."

Piyush is no peacenik for the sake of talking. He is squarely upset about meaningless violence gripping the world today.

And he flatly blames LTTE for attempting to stymie the peace process.

"I don't know why can't people stop fighting wars? From Kashmir to Middle East, from Lanka to Nepal, war clouds are everywhere. In Lanka, LTTE didn't do the right thing by sending suicide bomber to attack Army Chief. When peace talks were on, this was not the right time for LTTE to bring back the ghost of war on the already crippled nation."

He hoped peace would prevail on the nation as well in the subcontinent.

R Ramachandran too thought on similar lines.

"International pressure can only force the warring groups and the Sri Lanka government sit across the table and discuss a solution to the current imbroglio. Lankans need peace and this should come at any cost. They have had enough wars. Time now is to bring global players like the UN, US, Britain and of course India can play an active role in forcing all the key players to stop attacks and talk peace."

An article has been written by HT Lanka correspondent on how suicide bombing has been LTTE's most potent weapon. The article was called "Suicide blast, LTTE's best weapon".

Here's how one surfer, Patrick Ratnaraja, reacted to it.

"Not a single word about the Sri Lankan forces attacking innocent civilians? I disagree with the concept of suicide attacks. But please don't make it a one-sided issue."

One surfer from Singapore, Thusantha said flatly that LTTE was not the sole representative of Tamils in Sri Lanka. And he agreed suicide bombing was an effective weapon for the Tamil tigers.

"Surely the suicide bomber was a long-term plan of LTTE. But it has given a negative image to the organisation. EU is now reconsidering the banning of LTTE.

At this moment the Tamil tigers do not have a choice but to come to the negotiation table and expect the international community to warmly welcome them and forgive them.

Anyway, there is no solution to this conflict except talking with each other. The problem here is, that LTTE is not the sole agent of Tamil people in Sri Lanka."

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First Published: Apr 29, 2006 15:44 IST