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The D-daydiet

You can’t have what she’s having. So identify your nutritional needs and follow these exercise tips to be a beautiful, beaming bride.By Palak Malik

india Updated: Oct 19, 2011 16:23 IST

The date is decided and so is the venue. The days are numbered and the time seems to be slipping away. To your own surprise, even shopping seems like a lot of stress. You not only have the pressure to sail smoothly through very many rituals and functions, but to do so looking fresh as a rose.

Every bride goes the extra mile to get into shape before the big day. However tempting the thought may be, remember that the aim is to look radiant and happy, not skinny and malnourished. So, going on a crash diet is a no-no. The most important thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Avoid spicy, oily dishes and fried foods at all times. “Excessive amounts of chilli, pepper are irritating to the digestive system and aggravate acidity in your body.

Try to have more seasonal foods with a pinch of roasted jeera, fresh coriander and mint (pudina) as these are good digestives,” fitness says Dr Shikha Sharma, nutritionist and wellness advisor. Include a good amount of fresh juicy seasonal fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Remember everything is not about the number on the weighing scale. “What is more important is to see what is the fat to muscle ratio. For instance, if you weigh

70 kg, and have more fat around the waist, exercise will help you reduce it. But you will gain muscle weight in the meantime, so your weight may remain more or less the same,” explains Dr Rajat Chauhan, who specialises in sports and exercise medicine.

It might sound tiring to include an exercise regime in between shopping, partying, and organising the gala affair. Dr Chauhan offers a simple solution. “If you cannot find time to hit the gym, short bursts of exercise of 10 minutes each, three times a day can be rewarding. Include all components of fitness training: strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and core.” Try to invest a little more time in cardiovascular workouts like running, swimming or cycling.

Since you’ll be partying with friends and cousins, make sure you consume alcohol in moderation. “Opt for drinks like Bloody Mary which mainly consists of tomato juice. Stay away from fizzy soda in drinks – mixing cranberry or orange juice in drinks is a better idea.” says Mike Ryan, celebrity fitness trainer.

Eat small nutritious meals at regular intervals. This will not only help you lose weight, but also control food cravings and ensure high levels of energy through the day. Maintain a minimum number of sleeping hours and proper intake of water to keep your skin looking healthy. We can assure you, you’ll never tire of looking at your wedding album!

First Published: Oct 19, 2011 16:20 IST