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The last ball

Cricket is a funny game. Even the best player does not know which will be his last ball.

india Updated: Sep 29, 2010 01:12 IST
A.K. Bhargava
A.K. Bhargava
Hindustan Times

Cricket is a funny game. Even the best player does not know which will be his last ball.
But a matured player knows when it is time to go and leave the field for others even without waiting for the umpire’s signal and returns to from where he had come.

Similarly, life too is equally funny and plays the same game with us. But we are forced to retire and leave the field reluctantly when we face the last few balls.

But a matured person with spiritual background knows when he should leave the field for others and take vanaprastha.
The same is with death. No one knows when he will face the last ball. Your destiny (prarbhdha) will decide, based on your karmas where and when you will die and where and when you will be born.

But, in any case you have to leave, and leave without your most cherished possessions.

Once, in Janakpuri, an influential minister of King Janak was going round the city when he overheard some assistants of Lord Yama, uttering his name.

This minister got scared and decided to run away. He went to King Janak and begged for the fasted horse to take him to Ayodhya. King Janak smiled but obliged him and he set off for Ayodhya.

After a while, the King himself went round the city and saw two of Yama’s men. They saw King Janak and paid their respect to him.

One of the Yama’s man told Janak that they were a bit confused today. They were to take one of his ministers from Ayodhya in the evening but they saw him in Janakpuri in the morning.

They were wondering if there is any mistake made by Yama’s bookkeeper.

King Janak told them that there was no mistake because his minister is going as fast as possible at the time and place where he is to meet his death.

So knowing that death can come anytime, let us remember the Almighty all the time and surrender ourselves to Him.

First Published: Sep 29, 2010 01:11 IST