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The Lord's many tests

To me, my prayer is a modus of diverting my mind towards Him.

india Updated: Aug 13, 2012 00:22 IST
Sanjay Suri
Sanjay Suri
Hindustan Times

To me, my prayer is a modus of diverting my mind towards Him. Once, after finishing my prayer, I saw a surprised expression writ large on the face of my son who was sitting beside me during my prayer. I came to know that at the end of my prayer, I had asked the Lord to keep me focused on Him, whatever the situation, whichever the test.

I asked my son what was the unusual in this that surprised him. “You could have asked for something better – a mansion, a luxury car and all the riches in this world,” he asked. Why to face any test at all, seemed to be his query.

Each and every test we face qualifies us to graduate to the next level, just like we move from one class to another in a school, I replied. Without facing any test, how do we hope to move on. All of us are subjected to tests of different levels by Him and it is His way of helping us to graduate to higher levels.

If trapped inside a cave, we immediately begin to pray to God to save our life and simultaneously we begin to look for ways to get out of there. If our prayers find an instant response and we see a ray of light, we naturally move towards the source of this light with the hope that it leads us out of the trap. Even if a plant is placed inside a dark box and a small hole is made in it so as to let in a small ray of light, a substance called auxin helps the stem to bend towards the source of light (phototropism) and the stem makes every effort to grow out through the hole.

When faced with situations where we find ourselves completely in the dark phase of our lives, our focus on Him redeems us from the darkness and we find our way out, thus rejuvenating our faith in Him.

First Published: Aug 13, 2012 00:21 IST