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The process of channeling-II

All the great inventions and creations are conceptualised in semi lucid state of reasoning, day-dreaming or in meditation.
PTI | By Veena Minocha
UPDATED ON NOV 24, 2004 07:07 PM IST

We have all hard of the expression of "an idea whose time has come"! When one considers the inspiration of ideas from an artist's perspective, or for that matter any writer, musician, designer, scientific inventor, who works through creating, this inspirational process is the key to it all.

The great inventors and artists all have one idea in common, that their inventions and creations are the result of ideas that have come to them when they are in a semi lucid state of reasoning, either day dreaming or half asleep, or in meditation, or even in their visionary dreams. Thus any type of a semi altered brain state pushes out the intellect out of the driver's seat, and makes room for the higher consciousness to impress its messages along.

These impressions are out there in the all Knowing mind of God, it only takes a stepped down representation, an allowingness on the part of the recipient, for them to be part of human consciousness.

The Planetary Hierarchy works as a stepped down representative of the Creator level, to implant ideas and impressions into receptive human minds. When a clear picture of a certain concept is projected by them into the Cosmic waves, we find several humans picking up the vibrations, and thus 'an idea whose time has come' is seeded at several places on the Earth.
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