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The secret of those three hours!

It’s the three hours that may seem like three seconds or three lifetimes, depending on how you tackle them – the three hours of a first date. Rannvijay gives simple, whacky tips.

india Updated: Jun 01, 2009, 23:04 IST
Rannvijay column
Rannvijay column
Hindustan Times

You guys really love this stuff, don’t you? Yes, I’m talking about the columns I wrote on how to get the guy/girl you have a crush on. And how do I know you love it, you ask? Well, it’s because of the overwhelming response I’ve got through all the mails you’ve sent me. Not all of them may get mentioned here, but rest assured, I make it a point to go through all of them.

This week when I sat to write down, I was at a loss of ideas. After all, I’ve already told you how to get that special-someone you have a crush on…so what more is left to say!

And just as I was about to start writing on another completely unrelated topic, I realised I had forgotten to write on the most important thing that makes or breaks your chance getting beyond just making a first impression...I’m sure none of wants to stop at just that!

If you haven’t already guessed what I’m talking about, it’s the three hours that may seem like three seconds or three lifetimes, depending on how you tackle them – the three hours of a first date. Since I’ve had my share of first date successes as well as disasters, here are a few do’s and don’t you can try to make your first date click.

Okay, I know you want to look good. But that doesn’t mean you put on almost every wardrobe and accessory you’ve been saving up for a special day. Go for overkill and you’ll be looking like a decked up mannequin. But, don’t treat it like a trip to the roadside ice-cream vender either. Be too shabby and your first date may just be your last.

A movie hall with the darkness and the cozy corners may seem ideal, but lets admit it – chances of you people getting that lucky on the first date are slim. Go to a laid-back place where you can have a nice chat… and guys – pay for the two of you, at least on the first date!

Options like bowling or go-carting may sound unromantic, but they’re really cool icebreakers. It may seem calculated, but always think of things to talk about beforehand, unless you want to end up talking about the weather or the match last night.

Oh, and one thing you must remember as a rule – talking about your ex on a first date spells trouble. Always have a compliment at hand. If you mean it, it’s great; of you don’t, say it anyway.

You can never overestimate the power of something as simple as “you look stunning today” or “your smile is infectious”.This one is especially from experience…get this right and you’re in the game.

Always send a message after your drop your date home saying how you had a good time. As every guy and girl in DU knows, a simple message usually snowballs into something a whole lot more!

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