Tips to tide over dry skin woes
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Tips to tide over dry skin woes

How to make your skin cope with the winds of change? HT Style offers some guidelines.

india Updated: Feb 08, 2006 16:04 IST
HT Style
HT Style

Theweather is changing and so is your skin. And though it is time to bid goodbye to winter, summer is yet to descend in full force. And even if piling on the lotions and creams may not seem the thing to do, your dry skin just keeps asking for more.

Now before blaming it all on the changing weather, remember the dry heat, pollution, smoke and sun damage are other things to look out for. Here is some expert advise for tending to dry skin and temperature changes.

Dry skin: The biggest problem associated with changing weather is dry skin, which makes it important to keep your skin moisturised through the day.

However, unlike winter that necessitates creamy moisturisers and cold creams, the onset of summer require a much lighter touch. Change your moisturiser to a light one.

If you use a specific product line, try getting a less greasy version for spring and summer.

The two kinds of moisturisers available in the market include ones with oils and those with oil alternatives. If you have acne prone skin, stick to the latter.

Lips and the eye area especially need moisturising. Get something that will seal moisture in. Some eye creams are less substantial than regular moisturisers, Vaseline is a better option.

Cleaning Avoid harsh cleansers and soaps, which strip skin of its sebum, the oil on the surface of the skin. Use a mild cleansing bar or body wash that's free of detergents, soap and fragrances. Gentle soaps like Dove and Pears work well in this season.

Exfoliating: Regularly remove dead skin with a scrub, loofah or body brush as it doesn't make sense to put expensive creams on a layer of dead skin. Exfoliate for 30 to 60 seconds, and then rinse. However, take care not scrub vigorously. Hot showers It's time to change your hot showers and hot baths regime. These strip skin of its natural oils. Instead, take quick showers with the water as cool as you can stand it. Dry and apply a moisturiser or oil when the skin in still a bit damp.

Diet: Eating right makes all the difference to your skin. Says nutritionist Naini Setalvad, "It is important to bring about some changes in your daily diet in keeping with the weather. While you still need some intake of fat, go light on it. Opt for coconut fat and go easy on sesame. Heavy food cooked in ghee should be avoided. It's also time to go for jowar instead of bajra." As for fruits and vegetable Naini adds, "Slowly shift to vegetables like parwal and doodhi that have more water content.

Also eat plenty of seasonal fruits like apples and grapes."

Fluid intake: To avoid dry or sensitive during these months drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day. Supplement water with fruits and vegetables. Also, it will do you good to avoid caffeine and colas that act as diuretics.

Quick tips Although the heat is not too oppressive, use a sunscreen with SPF 30 that blocks ultraviolet radiation. Dermatologists suggest the use of soap-free, sensitive skin cleansers. For very dry or sensitive skin, alternate a creamy body wash with a medicated herbal soap Avoid deodorant and antibacterial soaps in the changing season, if you have dry skin. Try a little olive oil on chapped lips and try not to keep licking or peeling them

First Published: Feb 08, 2006 13:44 IST